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We want you to be happy with everything you buy from and your local Target store. That’s why we offer support and service plans for many of our items.

what is myTGTtech?

myTGTtech is a free telephone technical support service to help you set up and use your electronics products purchased from Target store or Our agents will even answer questions you have about any electronic items you're thinking of purchasing in the future.

q: how do I use the service?
A: Just call (877) myTGTtech (1-877-698-4883) and let us know your question.

q: what products are eligible for support through this service?

A: Any electronic product purchased at a Target store or including TVs, gaming systems, cameras, camcorders, iPod and MP3 players and other electronics items. This service doesn't expire; we're here to help you for the life of the product.

q: what information should I have when calling?
A: When calling, please have your receipt or packing slip, model number, serial number, purchase date and purchase location available. Don’t worry if you don’t have this information, we can still help you!

q: what kind of technical support is available?
A: There’s no question too simple or too tough, we can help all types of questions.
• How do I hook it up?
• How do I make it work?
• How do I sync it with my other stuff?
• How do I program it?
• How do I use all the functions?
• How do I turn it on?
And much more…

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