29 by lydia mondavi

29 by Lydia Mondavi only at target

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with the organic beauty of Napa Valley, Grape Seed Age Protecting™ fights free radical damage and keeps skin looking younger longer.

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about 29

29 by Lydia Mondavi combines the organic beauty of the Napa Valley and the exclusive Grape Seed Age Protecting™ formula which leaves your skin looking younger longer, with potent anti-oxidant power. Lydia Mondavi, of the legendary Napa Valley wine amily created 29 utilizing the powerful anti-oxidant power of grape seeds, a natural byproduct of the Mondavi family’s winemaking.

29’s Grape Seed Age-Protecting™ formula captures the skin’s natural radiance by nourishing and protecting the skin with the potent power of anti-oxidants. “Grape seed extract is 50 times more efficient than Vitamin E and 20 times more efficient than Vitamin C as free radical scavengers. This super anti-oxidant neutralizes the destructive efforts of free radicals, protects the skin’s collagen for healthy elasticity and suppleness, and combats the signs of aging,” Mondavi states. 29 is pure, all natural, paraben free and contains no harsh sulfates, synthetic colors or fragrances.

29 was inspired by the extraordinary beauty of California's Napa Valley and takes its name from the picturesque road that runs the length of this world-famous grape growing region - Highway 29.

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