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Who says you can't get in shape and look fabulous while doing it? We know it's not just about working out. Being active helps you feel great... and when you feel great, you look even better. Whether you're strength training at home or going out for a long bike ride, Target has a wide selection of activewear tops, activewear bottoms, sneakers, and accessories to keep you outfitted in style.

Heading to the gym? Wear a pair of Capri pants from C9 by Champion with a cardio tank, and you'll be all set for working off that cheesecake! Layer a long sleeve top under a soft fleece hoodie, and you'll have no reason to avoid a brisk, long walk on a cool morning. We know - you wouldn't avoid exercising. You're dedicated!

Tired of the same old bland and basic sports bras? Sure, no one but you really sees them. But why not treat yourself to something colorful, fun and vibrant for aerobics class? And what about footwear? Well, at Target there are so many athletic shoes to choose from! Did you know sneakers were first made in the early 1900s by rubber companies that were also manufacturing bicycle tires? No wonder they're the footwear of choice when hitting the pavement! After picking your workout clothing, browse through our selection of fitness accessories such as yoga mats, fitness DVDs, gym bags and more. From jackets to running skorts, we'll help you find smart women's active wear to stay comfortably fit while looking stylishly hot.