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The future of television.

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TV is a major part of our lives. We gather together around our big screens to watch big shows and big events. Yet somehow, the overall experience of TV has continued to stagnate. Until now. It all starts by recognizing that apps are the future of television. HBO NOW,1 WatchESPN,2 Netflix,3 Hulu,4 iTunes—apps are quickly becoming how we watch today. The new Apple TV is built around this vision—with a new operating system called tvOS, innovative ways to connect with your screen, and a smart use of Siri to search for something to watch. This is the new Apple TV. This is where television is headed.

It’s all about apps.

Apps are the future of television. Think about it. On your mobile devices and computers, you already use apps such as Netflix, Hulu, WatchESPN, and iTunes to watch TV shows. And that’s exactly where TV in the living room is headed. Apps have liberated television. They allow you to make individual choices about what you want to watch. And when and where you want to watch it. With the new Apple TV and its powerful new tvOS, developers are creating experiences that will change what you expect from your big screen, making your TV feel as personal as your iPhone or iPad.

Entertainment. All the entertainment your TV can handle.

iTunes movies and TV shows. Netflix and Hulu. ABC5 and Disney.6 HBO and SHOWTIME.7 Live sports8 and news. And so much more. If it’s worth watching, there’s definitely an app for that.

Games and More. Games and apps on TV. It’s gonna be huge.

The App Store is coming to your TV. You can expect big, exciting games. Imagine apps that turn your living room into a fitness studio or a classroom. Or multiperson experiences that redefine family game night. It’s exciting to imagine where developers will take this.

The television finally gets some technology love.

With the advent of iPhone and iPad, many of the big innovations and newest technologies have focused on the small screens that fit in our pockets or that we carry in our hands. But it’s time our big screens share in that technology and get an equally innovative experience. With the new Apple TV and tvOS, a redesigned interface, and the Siri Remote, there’s never been a better time to be a TV.

A TV experience you’ve never experienced.

Your TV screen is all the way across the room. That's why the experience of using Apple TV is designed to let you feel like you're interacting directly with your TV, not separated from it.

Siri Remote. Ask more of your television.

With all these new apps on your TV, what’s the best way to find something to watch? Just ask Siri. With the Siri Remote, you tell your TV exactly what you want to watch. Or ask Siri to give you a few options, like “Find me some funny TV shows.” Siri automatically searches across popular services like iTunes, Netflix, and more, so you don’t have to dig through each app individually. You can even ask Siri to launch a specific app. The Siri Remote takes the work out of watching TV.

Touch Surface. So long endless button pushing. Hello swipe.

Touch forever changed how we interact with our phones. Now it comes to the remote. Use your thumb on the Touch surface of the Siri Remote to scroll, select, and navigate your TV screen effortlessly.

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