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some Blu-ray basics.

what is it?

Blu-ray Disc is a format, like DVD, but holds five-times more content than DVDs and displays movies in high definition.

more pixels = more beautiful

Traditional DVDs have less than 350,000 pixels, while Blu-ray Discs boast more than 2 million pixels, so you see more detail in your movies.

what else can Blu-ray do?

Blu-ray provides amazing audio, better menu navigation and more resistance to scratches and smudges. It also plays your standard DVDs and many connect to the internet.

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simple and durable

Blu-ray Discs have better scratch resistance than DVDs. The players allow you to bookmark scenes easily and access the menu while the movie is playing.

more room for fun

Since Blu-ray Discs have more storage space, they usually come packed with extras and special features like interviews, trailers, music and more.

hold on to your DVDs, too

Blu-ray players also play DVDs, and even up-convert them to the best viewing quality possible.

more reasons to upgrade

the best picture possible

Blu-ray offers the only disc-based source for 1080p, the highest-resolution video format currently available.

theater-like sound

Enjoy the best audio possible with up to 7.1 channels of surround sound—equal to or sometimes better than theater sound.

interact with the Internet

Some players provide full access to the web. Stream movies or music from sites like Netflix and Pandora, check Facebook, read news, watch videos and more, all on your TV.

picture in picture

Watch an additional video in a picture-in-picture window, or even listen to audio from a secondary source.

so easy to set up

Your Blu-ray player connects simply and easily to your HDTV with a type of cable called an HDMI cable. You can start watching amazing high-resolution movies right away.

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pick your player

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the right TV

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get connected

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