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We always say, the more boys' toys, the more awesome. And at Target, you'll find an immensely awesome assortment of 'em. Let's start with LEGO. With sets ranging from LEGO City to LEGO Ninjago, there's something for every single imagination. Fun fact about “LEGO”: It's a blend of two Danish words meaning “play well.” True story. Another truth: Our assortment of action figures is super cool. There's Batman, Spider-Man, and even the ultra-cultured Ninja Turtles. Well, they're cultured enough to be named after four Renaissance artists, anyway. And for the super-human players, what gives you more power than a Blaster by NERF? In case you were wondering, “NERF” stands for “Non-Expanding Recreational Foam.” Speaking of Beyblade spinning tops…just kidding, we weren't–but we are now! They're based on a Japanese manga (like a comic book) series, and kids use their skills to knock over competing tops. Last one standing wins. And now for big wins in small packages: Let's talk Hot Wheels. Those itty-bitty cars are so well loved, there's an annual convention for collectors. And do you know why Air Hogs radio-controlled planes are so awesome? Because the manufacturers spent two whole years perfecting their first prototype. They even have a helicopter that lets you fly it, then record and later play back your flight path. How fun is that? Okay, kids. Go play.