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light it right.

With so many choices, how do you pick the right lights for your holiday display? Think about the places you want to light—inside and outside. Will you be lighting a tree? Your house? The answers can help you choose the type and number of lights you need. Remember, indoor-rated lights or extension cords are for indoor use only. Outdoor-rated lights and extension cords can be used indoors or out.

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The possibilities for lighting are almost endless. Learn what's new and only available at Target—and get inspired along the way.

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bright lights, big tree.

Measure the whole space that you need to light. Are you decorating a big tree or small shrubbery? We recommend about 250 lights for a 6-foot tree, plus 100 more lights for each additional 6 inches. Choose enough lights to give your decorations a full look.

how many lights?

power up

How many electrical outlets are nearby, and how many lights do you need? Your lights will need enough power without overloading circuits or extension cords. If you need a lot of lights, consider energy-efficient lighting to help keep the power load down.

choose lightly.

Feeling in the dark? Don't be overwhelmed. Whether you want indoor or outdoor, incandescent or LED, or even solar-powered, here’s a list to light your way.

  • LED lights.

    Energy-efficient and cool to the touch, LED bulbs can last over 20,000 hours and draw very little power—perfect if you don't want to use too much power or have to replace a hard-to-reach string.

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  • color-changing lights.

    Dial up the dynamics and choose lights that change color for a sense of motion—and spectacular display.

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  • icicle.

    A favorite for rooflines, eaves and windows, icicle lights come in regular or twinkling options. The average-sized home can be decorated with three sets of 300-count icicle lights.

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  • net.

    Great for time-saving coverage on bushes, trees and hedges, net lights give quick results with professional-looking spacing.

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  • rope.

    Versatile enough to use indoors or out, rope lights are best outlining windows and doors or wrapped around banisters and deck rails.

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  • solar.

    For holiday lights with no electrical bills, solar lights work even where there's no outlet nearby. Automatic lights can turn on at dusk.

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  • specialty.

    Micro lights, faceted lights with a crystal look, satin finishes–specialty lights are there to meet your trickiest decorating needs.

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  • globe & C-bulb.

    Globe and C-bulb lights are perfect for a traditional outdoor look. Manufactured with regular or LED bulbs—but you can't mix any C-bulb strings with other-sized bulbs.

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  • bulk.

    For decorating large spaces, use bulk lighting, available in 200- or 400- count LED bulb strings. Bulb strings come in various colors and sizes.

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make light work of hanging lights.

Whether you're hanging lights indoors or outdoors, get together everything you need to make the job easy and safe.

  • good plan.

  • Grab a tape measure. Planning ahead of time and measuring carefully will save you lots of time.

  • Measure everything you want to light: rooflines, doors and windows, columns, trees and hedges, and distances for extension cords. Measure twice.

  • Choose the bulbs that work best for those spots, and don't forget plenty of holiday light clips. There are clips for every kind of job—find the right ones below. And will you want the lights on a timer? Include it in your plans.

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  • heavy-duty help.

    Use a sturdy ladder that's tall enough to safely reach the highest point you need to decorate, and hang a bucket from the ladder to help you hold materials.

décor & more.

Got everything? Remember the other stuff that helps make holiday displays easy, fun and safe.

  • Christmas trees.

    Spruce it up indoors with a celebration-worthy tree. Find one that's perfect for you by considering its shape, size, needle type, assembly method and whether you want a pre-lit or fresh tree.

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  • indoor & outdoor décor, wreaths & floral.

    Show the neighborhood your holiday spirit, and keep your home festive all season long with indoor and outdoor holiday décor, wreaths and floral.

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  • holiday storage.

    Over so soon again? Keep all your decorations neatly tucked away for next year.

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