buying guide electric shavers

plugging in.

  • razor vs. electric.

    Everyone has an opinion, but many use both types of shavers. Razors provide the closest shave because they shear directly off the skin. Electric shavers provide the quickest shave with motorized blades under fine metal grids.

  • no cream needed.

    Unless you're a shower shaver and buy a wet-dry, always start with a dry face.
    Press gently and shave sensitive areas first, as the motor may heat up or slow slightly
    the longer it runs.

  • smooth move.

    An electric shaver should leave skin
    without a scratch, but may cause even
    the manliest men to become sensitive at first.
    It's typical—skin redness or irritation will pass
    with regular use AND a high-quality shaver.


buzz words.

  • close shave.

    For a close, even and longer-lasting shave, look for stainless-steel blades that cut close to the root and rotate individually.

  • go easy.

    One of the main reasons for going electric is that it's easy. Look for a shaver with a 60+ minute run time for less charging hassle. Also, the ideal shaver should come with a travel-ready storage case, be comfortable to hold, and easy to clean.

the cutting edge.

There are three kinds of shavers—rotary, foil and wet/dry. Find your type by hair coarseness or growth, skin type or habits.

  • rotary blades.
    Rotary shavers are
    the best choice for
    longer hair and are the smoothest
    around those chiseled features. With
    blades that spin (behind fine metal grids), they tend to
    be durable and operate quietly.
  • foil blades.
    Foil shavers are best
    for shorter hair and
    sensitive skin. A thin
    metal screen protects
    the face, while blades move
    side to side beneath. Hairs are caught and
    held by the foil, which provides a close shave.
  • single-foil
    The purists' shaver,
    this is the simplest
    type of electric. It has
    one head and works for guys
    with medium hair and average skin.
  • double-foil
    With its two moving
    heads, this shaver
    is twice as quick and also
    shaves closer than a single foil.
    Double-foil shavers are best for coarse hair and sensitive skin.
  • triple-foil
    With three heads,
    a triple foil will
    always deliver a close
    shave—coarse or medium, long or
    short hair. They are ideal for sensitive skin types, and some even dispense lotion.
  • wet/dry shavers.
    Wet/dry shavers are for men who want
    their electric convenience and
    their shaving cream, too. They
    are usually shower-friendly,
    which can shave off more
    time in the morning, and
    may be submersible for
    cleaning. shop all wet/dry shavers
  • bells & whistles.

    Find the features that fit your routine.

  • get it charged.
    You want convenience. Get a battery that
    runs for a week or seven shaves at a time.
    Also, look for a quick-charge feature that
    lasts long enough for all rechargeable shavers
  • keep it charged.
    A shaver with a low-battery indicator can
    help avoid shaver power shortages. Another
    option is a power cord for plugged-in shaving. shop charge indicator light shavers shop all corded shavers
    automatic shutoff.
    Look for an automatic charger shutoff you
    won't have to worry about over-charging.
  • tools.
    Look at the extras and attachments.
    Sideburn, beard and nose hair trimmers
    come in handy. Cleaning brushes are all trimmers
    If you travel with your shaver, you'll want a case that stores the tools and charger with the shaver—and fits in your carry-on.

body grooming.

Here's what you need to keep your shaver—and your grooming routine—running smoothly.

  • maintenance.
    Hair caught in the foils or cutters can
    slow the rotary action and dull the
    blades, so clean the shaver every day.
    Replace the heads and blades often. shop all replacement blades
    Cleaning minimalists may want to find a shaver
    that cleans itself in the charging dock. Or one that doesn't require dismantling to clean.
  • body
    Below the neck,
    body groomers can
    keep the back and shoulders, chest,
    and anyplace else nice and tidy. shop all body groomers
  • skin savers.
    Face cleansers and shaving cream can
    help with sensitive or irritated skin.
    Aftershave also soothes skin, closes
    pores and moisturizes. shop all shaving cream shop all aftershave