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natural feeding basics.

breast pump

Whether you're returning to work or just running errands without your baby, a breast pump lets you store milk for later use.

bottle backup

A wide variety of bottle systems support breastfeeding, like freezer-to-bottle bags that fit right onto your pump.

the right-size shield

Breast shields are available in a range of sizes to help you pump comfortably and effectively.

bottle-feeding basics.

the right-sized bottle

Each new stage of development means you'll need a different-sized bottle: smaller ones are easier for new infants; older babies drink more ounces per feeding.

age-appropriate nipples

Today's nipples are designed with shapes and openings that adjust flow and minimize air ingestion, helping prevent gas and colic.

extras and essentials

Anything that saves time or provides a few more minutes of sleep is worth the investment. Check out automatic bottle sterilizers and warmers.

find the right breast pump.

double electric pumps

Compact and discreetly disguised as work bags, portable breast pumps incorporate efficient motors and comfortable function. Hands-free models let you multitask, while larger hospital-grade models offer more power.

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single electric pumps

Tuck an ultra-portable battery-powered single pump in your purse, and you're covered for an outing without your baby. More affordable than a double pump, it also requires more operation time.

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manual pumps

Helpful if you have plugged milk ducts or sore nipples, and an affordable choice if you rarely need to express milk.

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important extras

Car and battery adapters can save the day, while insulated storage compartments keep breast milk safely chilled. Also keep these breastfeeding supplies on hand: pads, shells, creams and a supportive nursing bra.

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find the right bottle system.


BPA-free bottles are must; the chemical potentially interferes with normal development. From there, you have a wide variety of options:

  • Standard-size bottles are the most likely to be compatible with breast pumps and
    bottle warmers.
  • Angle-neck bottles are easier to hold and minimize air bubbles.
  • Wide styles mimic breastfeeding and are great if you're alternating between natural and bottle feeding.
  • Colic control bottles vent air, eliminate bubbles and reduce vacuums caused by sucking to help prevent spit-ups and fussiness from gas.
  • Disposable liners eliminate the sterilization hassle, while premium one-piece bottle/nipple combos let you precisely
    adjust fluid flow.
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Choose your bottle nipples based on your baby's age (slow flow for new babies, faster for older ones), material (latex and silicone are popular choices) and shape (orthodontic nipples have a flat side that rests on a baby's tongue, while flat-ended nipples emulate breastfeeding). Make sure the nipples you choose fit the bottles you like.

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It's the little things that matter, especially at
2 a.m. Combination bottle/food warmers help
the transition to solid foods, while sterilizers use your dishwasher or microwave for squeaky-clean bottles.

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Formulas cover a variety of age and nutritional needs, coming in powdered, liquid and pre-bottled forms to make feeding easier on you, too.

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