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Going on a summer holiday, business trip, or maybe you’re just one of those who like to carry their world around with them. Target’s got a sea of luggage choices. There are suitcases, small and big in colors and styles for everyone, why not get a matching set for your next vacation? Kids would love the cute colors and styles of the pulleys and travel bags made just for them. Look sharp on your next business trip with a neat and convenient briefcase or a laptop bag that is just for you. Completely functional and cool, you’ll find one to match your calm or bold taste. Carry-on bags for frequent fliers that make packing a breeze with their organized slots and folds. Looking for a backpack for school, a duffle bag for the gym, or maybe just a messenger bag to errands? Strap, roll, pull or carry options, Target has a variety. Stay organized and keep track of your bags with travel accessories, travel chargers, luggage tags and more. Get packing!