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what is a Smart Home?

Safer, simpler and more efficient a smart home uses technology and connected devices to make your life at home—and even away from home––a little easier.

safe and secure

  • Smart home products can be controlled and monitored with a smartphone.
  • Turn on the lights before you get home.
  • Check your family’s comings and goings with video monitors.
  • Get alerts when doors and windows are opened.

convenient solutions

Smart home products work for you and can even learn by themselves.

  • Bring music to any room with wireless speakers.
  • Control your home’s temperature from a mobile device.
  • Self-programming thermostats learn the temps you like.
  • Start a pot of coffee before you get out of bed.

easy to manage

Depending on your goals, you can build your smart home a few different ways.

  • Choose devices that function separately based on your needs.
  • Pick a hub system with multiple networked devices available.
  • Control your smart products via an app on a mobile device.
  • Use a connected hub that allows several devices to communicate.

When purchasing smart home products, always make sure the items are compatible with each other and those you already own.

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