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Verizon Mobile

stay on the cutting edge.

with a low upfront cost & the ability to upgrade your phone sooner, Verizon Edge keeps the latest tech in your hands.*

  • no finance charges or upgrade fees
  • upgrade every year, or more often
  • pay for your phone over time
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don’t settle for less.

get more of what you want: everything. The MORE Everything Plan from Verizon Wireless is flexible & affordable for families, businesses & individuals.

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  • unlimited talk & text with no monthly limits or overage charges
  • shareable data for up to 10 devices
  • 25GB of free cloud storage

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learn more about mobile at Target.

*Verizon Edge is a way to purchase a smartphone. The full retail price is broken down into 20 affordable monthly payments and added to your bill. After 30 days and 60% of the device payments, you are able to upgrade to a new smartphone.