video games

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collect characters & watch them on screen.

Want to play a video game? Yay! You pick which one. Oh…you want Pong? Well, that was really cool back in 1972, but the gaming industry's actually made some advances in the last 40 years. Seriously, you should see all the great video games that Target carries these days. You'll find Xbox games, PS3 games and Nintendo Wii games in a genre for every mood: there's action, adventure, dance, family, fighting, music, racing and sports—along with the hottest new releases and pre-order titles. And there are even portable consoles now like PSP(short for PlayStation Portable), so gamers can take their fun anywhere. And the traditional consoles have advanced so much that they can work with sensors now to see your motion, so you don't even need controllers anymore. (Controllers are updated joysticks, just in case you were wondering). If you're on an Xbox 360 and you get the Kinect Sensor, you can play up to 6 feet away. Or working with the PlayStation 3 console (also known as PS3), the PlayStation Eye Camera sees you from 3–10 feet away—those games are called PlayStation Move. Or maybe you want to get a move on with that PlayStation 4 (also known as PS4) or Xbox One everyone's been talking about. On the Nintendo Wii U the sensor is built in, so you don't need a separate accessory for that one. And here's something else about those consoles: They all stream video and even Netflix. But yes, Pong was very cool.