buying guide window treatments

take it outside.

a view of your options.

  • find the look you'll love.

    Are you picking window treatments for a living room, or for a kids' playroom? Do you want the option to create more privacy or darken a room? With lots of options to consider, this guide can help you make the right choice for your home.

  • sized to fit.

    Taking precise measurements of your window goes a long way in finding the perfect window treatment. Once you have the specific dimensions, you can easily pick the right size treatments for your look.

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  • a window into color.

    Spend time finding the perfect color of window treatments for the rooms you're decorating. Window treatments can accent existing color or add a bold new statement.

  • style it right.

    Window treatments play two roles: providing form and enabling function. Give your room a finished look while getting the lighting and privacy you want. Explore the different treatment types, accessories and considerations below to help identify the right options for your home.

window wear.

Window treatments mount on either the inside or outside of the frame. Treatments such as panels, curtains and drapes often mount outside the window frame, offering more versatility and greater light-blocking power. Inside mountings are popular for shades and blinds, and can look more casual. Either way, careful measuring means a better fit and look.

  • curtains, drapes & panels.

    These treatment types are versatile—from simple and modern to traditional and full. The more panels and length you add, the fuller the look.

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    & panels
  • sheers.

    Sheers offer a way of adding privacy without sacrificing light.

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  • tie-ups.

    Tie-up shades create a traditional, decorative look. When you want to let in more light, just tie them up. Or, if seclusion is what you need, simply untie the shade.

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  • valances.

    These short curtains cover the top of your window and can add a decorative look while concealing fixtures and curtain rods.

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  • shades.

    Like to keep it neat? Shades are a great way to do just that. Change the amount of light in a room by selecting lighter or heavier fabrics, or by raising or lowering shades.

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  • blinds.

    Blinds make it easy to let the right amount of light in a room. Just rotate the blind's individual slats to adjust the level and direction of light. Another benefit of blinds? They have a clean, modern look.

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finishing touches.

  • serious style.

    The details make the difference. Here are a few
    features you can add to complete a window treatment:

    double rod.

    Combine looks and layers for the best of both the panel and sheer worlds. Or choose two of a kind for a dramatic look.


    Decorative curtain rod ends help to complete a look. Choose from a range of styles to add subtle flair.


    Keep drapes open with practical and decorative holdbacks. Match them with other embellished hardware for perfect window treatment accents.

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  • top construction.

    Choose how the treatment will hang from the rod: grommets, pockets, tabs or clip rings. Top construction can show off or conceal your curtain rod.

  • more behind the curtain.

    Get added benefits from your window treatments. Other things to think about:

    energy savings.

    Thermal panels, with their insulating backing, can offer energy savings in both winter and summer—that's good for your budget and the environment.

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    light control.

    Beyond the gentle light filtering of sheers, blackout panels are a great choice if you or your kids need darkness to get more shuteye.

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    the great outdoors.

    Outdoor panels are made with fabrics that weather the elements, including direct sunlight and moisture, and can extend your living space outside. Perfect for the porch, or anywhere you want curtains for your "outside rooms"— gazebos, decks and more.

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