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Wondering how you find the perfect toy
for your little one? Fret no more. We break
down the best selections for every step
of baby's life based on individual stages
of development. Just check out your baby's
age and activity level to learn more about
just-right toys to delight and teach.

the right toy for the right age.*

  • newborn 0-3 months

    newborn 0–3 months.

    At this age, your little one is mostly lying down, but responding to light, shapes and sounds. Choose bright, colorful toys that make noise, like rattles, musical mobiles, hanging rattles or activity mats.
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  • 6 months

    6 months.

    Baby is sitting up, grasping, babbling and vocalizing. Baby is beginning to understand cause and effect and may even start checking themselves out in a mirror. Teethers are a must for this age. Also go for toys baby can sort and hold, things with hidden surprises, mirrors or pop-up action like jack-in-the-boxes.
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  • 9 months

    9 months.

    Baby is now on the go–crawling, exploring and repeating sounds. Stimulate brains and rev up baby's motor skills with stacking and sorting toys, musical instruments or cuddly plush toys.
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  • 12 months

    12 months.

    Baby is standing up, pushing things, walking or even baby-talking. Early-learning toys will keep baby going strong–think busy boxes, rolling strollers, toy wagons and musical phones.
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  • 1-2 years

    1–2 years.

    At this age, toddler is walking, climbing, riding and talking like a pro. Make toddler an extra-happy camper with cute scooters, pull-along wagons and role-playing workshops, kitchens and rooms.
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  • 3-4 years

    3–4 years.

    Now your on-the-grow kids are ready for fresh challenges. Dress-up and pretend play lets them get whimsical while musical, language and learning toys get them prepped for preschool.
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    see also: learning toys
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    *Keep in mind that all babies develop at their own pace.

types of toys.

From splashy and flashy to wiggly and giggly,
we've got the toys to tickle, teach and entertain
kids of all ages.

  • musical toys

    musical toys.

    Sing out, get down and bust a move: Musical toys are a great way to get your little one grooving by boosting rhythm, verbal skills and coordinated movement.
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  • imaginative play

    imaginative play.

    Make-believe is great for growing minds. Let babies get creative with toys and games that nurture social skills, improve communication and get lost in a magical world.
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  • learning toys

    learning toys.

    Inspire your little thinkers with attention-getting toys that teach basic problem-solving, encourage exploration and boost verbal skills.
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  • bath toys

    bath toys.

    Get happy about bath-time with fun toys that emphasize learning. From waterproof alphabets to floating puzzles, these toys will make a splash.
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  • award-winning toys.

    award-winning toys
    From "best of" to "most loved," these toys have earned top honors from industry critics, parenting magazines, and moms and dads just like you. Find top picks to inspire, teach and entertain babies and kids of all ages.see award-winning toys
  • toy safety & product recalls.

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    Our toys meet the highest standard of safety to make sure your little one is always playing it safe.