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baby home safety.

think about your space

Get down on your hands and knees and take a tour of your space. It will help you spot those sharp-edged coffee tables, trip-causing rugs and exposed electrical plugs.

establish boundaries

Use safety gates to keep your little one in a baby-safe zone. You might only need to block a doorway or two, or you might have more unique space needs such as a wide-open family room.

get every helping hand

There's no substitute for the presence of a responsible adult, but you can't watch every second. Check out equipment that helps you change your space, like covers and guards, as well as monitors that offer peace of mind.

where gates fit in.

mount options

Permanent gates are screwed into the wall, holding firm against enthusiastic kids. Mobile pressure-mounted gates easily move from room to room. While they are quite sturdy, play it safe and never use one at the top of stairs.

make it fit your home

Stylish stained and painted wood gates can match your home's decor. Also consider mesh or fabric gates for protection that doesn't block your view of your baby.

get the right safety gate.

pressure-mounted gates

Spring-loaded gates secure into a doorway when you press down and lock them in place. They're great for bottoms of stairs and for moving between different doorways, since they fit multiple widths and transfer easily.

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hardware-mounted gates

Offering extra stability and security, hardware-mounted safety gates are a must for the tops of stairs and low window openings. They also make it possible to block off angled or unique openings.

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walk-through styles

Because these gates open and relock in a snap, they act as a swinging door in high-traffic area—a benefit for parents.

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odd-space and freestanding gates

Odd-space gates accommodate wide doorways, hard-to-fit areas and extra-large openings. Freestanding play yards provide a safe place indoors and outdoors, plus allow more room for multiple kids (and all their toys).

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home safe home.


You can start monitoring your baby during pregnancy with new prenatal heartbeat monitors. After the big day, video and audio monitors let you watch and hear a sleeping baby from another room. These motion detectors can track your baby's movements to signal you when he or she wakes up.

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around the house

Outlet covers, stove guards and drawer locks are essential first steps once your baby can crawl and stand. Also add corner and edge guards and fireplace bumpers to prevent owies during the transition from crawling to walking.

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at bedtime

Wearable blankets keep your baby warm and won't twist and tangle like loose blankets. As your toddler gets older, add bed rails to keep the little one from rolling out of a big-kid bed.

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all-family safety

What's good for the baby is also good for everyone under your roof: install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in every bedroom and on every level.

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