buying guide bikes

getting the wheels in motion.

  • try your ride.

    Size is an important consideration when
    buying a bike. Ride, comfort and time you'll
    spend on the bike all depend on finding a
    frame that fits your body. The best way to
    determine fit is to test out the bike, checking
    everything from handle bar width to the
    saddle position. Learn more about finding the right-sized bike in our size charts.

  • ride your way.

    Don't forget to think about how and where
    you want to ride. Whether you're a recreational rider or an off-roader, selecting a bike
    that's built for your activities helps ensure a
    safe, comfortable ride.

  • accessoride.

    Complete your ride with the right accessories
    to keep yourself safe and comfortable. Lights,
    helmets, pumps and seats all play a role in
    keeping you and your two wheels in the right
    lane. Consider the time of day and type of
    riding you'll do when selecting accessories.

  • safety specialists.

    Looking for more tips to keep you and your
    family safe on the roads? The National
    Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    you all the information you need to keep riding
    with confidence.

rides defined.

  • mountain bikes.

    Mountain bikes are built for all-terrain, off-road riding, maneuvering steep declines, and traversing rocks. Features like heavy-duty wheels, bar ends, and front and rear suspensions help these bikes handle anything Mother Nature has to offer.

    shop all mountain bikes see mountain bike size chart
  • cruisers.

    Cruisers are made for leisurely rides on flat surfaces and are perfect for an afternoon roll. Now, most models feature more gears and shifting flexibility for better versatility than in the past.

    shop all cruisers see cruiser size chart
  • comfort bikes.

    Comfort bikes find their home on roads, both paved and unpaved, as well as easy ride trails. They have a frame designed for upright posture, a heavier padded seat and a higher degree of shock absorption.

    shop all comfort bikes see comfort bike size chart
  • hybrid bikes.

    A hybrid bike is a combination of a road bike and a mountain bike. So, if you want flexibility to coast and pedal like a road bike, along with the braking, gear flexibility and upright seating of a mountain bike, you've found your two-wheeled match.

    shop all hybrid bikes see hybrid size chart
  • road bikes.

    Road bikes include specific features that make them the ideal way to commute. High-pressure tires, gear varieties and lightweight frames make them the perfect bike for paved roads, speed and long distances.

    shop all road bikes see road bike size chart
  • kids' bikes.

    Your child wants a bike that expresses both personality and style. From balance bikes that teach your child to ride with confidence, to kids' bikes with completely decked-out designs, pay particular attention to size and fit. Balance bikes don't have training wheels, pedals or chains and are propelled by walking or running, so your child can learn how to easily transition to a pedal bike.

    shop all kids' bikes see kids' bike size chart
  • BMX & freestyle bikes.

    These bikes are made to perform tricks and stunts that other bikes can't. Common features include pegs, rotors and mag wheels. Freestyle bikes are perfect for the adventurous type who wants to conquer new ground or give the casual rider an edge.

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bike accessories.

  • helpful headgear.

    Look for a smooth, round outer shell. Vents help with air flow and comfort. A snug fit with no pressure ensures correct positioning. Evaluate children for fit and helmet weight to ensure they can support it. Helmets should be replaced every three years due to wear and tear, or if they become damaged in any way.

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  • pump it up.

    Properly inflating your tires makes your bike easier to pedal and increases the life of your tires. There are frame pumps that attach to your bike or user-friendly upright pumps that make inflating a breeze.

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  • lock 'n' roll.

    U-locks and cable locks are the best way to reduce the possibility of theft. Both types easily connect to a stable object. The best way to lock up a bike is to connect the lock to the front wheel and frame, and fasten both to a park bench, pole or bike rack.

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  • light your way.

    Lights illuminate your way home and make vehicles aware you are there, so always wear them when biking at night. Mount them on your handlebars, frame or even your helmet. With all the options out there, you are sure to find the lighting that is right for your ride.

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  • rack 'em up.

    Designed to be usable across all vehicles, racks are the easiest way to store your two-wheeler on the go. Want indoor storage? There are a variety of styles to fit your needs, whether you're keeping your ride in your garage, basement or storage space.

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  • trail on.

    Bring kids along for the ride with a bike trailer. There's room enough for one child or two when attached to an adult bike frame or rear axle. Cycle trailers are designed for children to sit on and are equipped with wheels so they can add some of their own pedal power.

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  • have another seat.

    Adding a child seat to your bike makes it easy to bring your little one along for the ride. With both rear- and front-mounted options, child seats are suitable for ages 2 to 5 and often feature footrests, safety straps and back support.

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