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camp like a champ.

  • Know before you go: Here's a rundown of everything you need for a great camping trip, from cozy sleeping bags and airbeds to sturdy backpacks, cooking gear and more.

  • camping checklist.

    Have a fabulous time with this handy what-to-pack list.

    camping checklist
  • tents.

    Regardless of your camping style or destination, tents are the most critical part of the camping experience. Whether you love backyard and car camping or wilderness treks and extreme adventures, check out this tent guide for the best bets in tents.

    tent buying guide

sleeping bags.

Pair up with the perfect sleeping bag designed to keep you comfortable and well-insulated on any kind of camping trip.

  • temperature ratings.

    Temperature ratings give you an idea of the comfort range of a sleeping bag, so you can choose the right one for warm, cool, or very cold weather conditions. For instance, a 20° bag means most users will stay comfortable if the temperature drops no lower than 20°F.

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  • styles.


    Tapered at top and bottom, mummy styles wrap you up snug to trap warm air around your body and keep it there. They're a great pick for winter camping, but may be a little restrictive if you move around at night.

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    Great for warm- or cool-weather (but not winter) camping, rectangular sleeping bags offer roomy, adjustable warmth and comfort. Zip two together to make a two-person bag, or unzip to use like blanket.

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  • shells & linings.

    The fabrics in your sleeping bag enhance performance and comfort for a good night's sleep outdoors.

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airbeds & pumps.

Get cozy with a layer of insulation from ground, rocks and roots. Airbeds are essential for a comfortable night outdoors, and come in various styles and sizes, with pump options just right for your kind of camping. Choose easy-to-pack foam pads—no pump required, lightweight inflatable beds or even raised models for a good night's sleep while you camp.

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camp cooking.

  • camp stoves.

    Get cooking with portable, easy-to-use options. Multiburner models work great for campground chefs, while compact models work well for backcountry or rough camping. Choose from features such as push-button ignition, advanced fuel mixtures and flame controls, depending on your needs.

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  • camp cookware.

    Stock up on handy essentials for any camp experience. Great items to consider include roasting sticks, grill plates, marshmallow skewers and pots and pans that can be suspended over an open flame.

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other camping gear.

  • camp lighting.

    Don't get left in the dark. Give your campfire a little backup with camping lanterns, portable lights and flashlights.

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  • canopies.

    Stay cool on hot days and dry on wet ones with pop-up shades and canopies. Open sides make for easy access (especially if you're carrying food), while screened-in models keep critters and insects outside.

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  • camp chairs.

    Just relax with portable models that make sitting around the campfire a little more fun. Some models feature armrests, a full back and cup holders for extra campfire convenience.

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  • backpacks.

    From high-tech frame bags to compact day packs, we've got options for every-
    thing from intense trekking to low-key hikes. Choose a pack that's right for your gear, your camping style and your abilities.

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