buying guide car seats

a seat for every stage.

safety stage 1

Stage 1 car seats are for the tiniest of travelers. Some offer a complete travel system for your infant, featuring carry handles and bases that can be left in the car while the seat is popped into a stroller.

weight range: 5–22 lbs.
position in car: rear-facing only.

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safety stage 2

As your precious cargo grows, you can adjust stage 2 car seats from rear-facing to forward-facing. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends you keep the car seat rear-facing until your child is 2 years old.

At first:
weight range: 5–30 lbs.
position in car: rear-facing.

weight range: 22–40 lbs.
position in car: forward-facing.

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safety stage 3

These car seats use 5-point harnesses to help keep your active tyke safe and secure. Once your child is over 40 lbs., most five-point harnesses can convert to reposition your car's existing seat belt.

weight range: 22–40 lbs.
position in car: forward-facing only.

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safety stage 4

Once your little co-pilot has outgrown the weight or height limit of their stage 3 seat, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends you use a belt positioning booster seat that repositions the seat belt correctly for your child's size. These seat belt positioners may or may not have a back to them, but they ensure that the seat belt goes across the lap and chest.

weight range: 40–100 lbs.
position in car: forward-facing only.

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things to know.

There's a lot to learn before you buy your child a car seat. Read below to find out what you should keep in mind.

play by the rules.

Different states have different car seat laws. So,
before you travel with your baby or child, take a peek
at the AAA safety law finder to ensure your car seat follows all local laws.

smiles for miles.

There are plenty of accessories that will keep your child safe, cozy and entertained while you're traveling. Learn about them below.

travel accessories.

Rain and wind shields will help keep your child safe and comfortable when you're on the road. Travel bags where you can keep your seat safe while flying are useful. And of course, for long trips, blankets and toys will help keep your baby warm and entertained.

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bunting bags.

Snug, secure and so much easier than struggling with coats, hats and mittens, bunting bags that cover your child and the car seat make traveling a breeze. Openings for harnesses make them easy to install or remove as the weather demands.

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car accessories.

To keep your car cleaner and
reduce wear, get a protector to
sit between your child's seat
and the car's seat. Other great
accessories include mirrors
that help you keep an eye on
the kids and window screens to
keep the sun out of their eyes.

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car seat carriers.

Quickly transport your car seat
to a stroller without waking your baby by using a car seat carrier. Seat carriers easily fold up for transport, making it easier to travel through the airport.

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extra support.

Added head and body cushions for your child's car seat help give support to your little one's head and body. Their soft fabrics and plush pillows offer extra comfort and fit perfectly into the car seat.

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