buying guide Christmas trees

tricks to pick the
perfect tree.

  • find the tree that fits you.

    Before choosing your tree, be sure to measure the space where it will go. Decide how close you'd like it to be to the furniture—and how much room you'll need for presents. Remember to figure about 6 inches between tree and ceiling for a tree topper. Then choose from slim, medium, and full sizes to fit perfectly into your space.

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  • tree types.

    When it comes to holiday trees, everyone has a preference. Long needles, short needles. Big tree, small tree. Figure out the look you like and find out which tree family's right for your family.

  • switch on the cheer.

    Pre-lit trees come in many sizes and offer multi colored or white lights all while offering incredible convenience. For do-it-yourselfers, we recommend 250 lights for a 6-foot tree.

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  • keep the holidays happy.

    To ensure your holiday memories are happy, always purchase a tree with flame-retardant materials. Inspect light strands and electrical cords for damage and wear. Don't overload your outlets, and always turn off the lights before you go to bed or leave home.

tree shapes.

Trees will often be listed with words such as full, medium, slim, slender and pencil. This indicates thickness or width. The important thing to remember is that the width measurement is always taken from the widest point of the tree.

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  • A-line.

    A-line trees are a traditional shape with a fresh from the forest look.

  • potted.

    Potted trees are smaller in scale and are great for tabletops and small rooms.

  • slim.

    Slim trees are great space savers that still let you celebrate the holiday season.

  • Insta-shape.

    Insta-shape trees pack away easily and pop into shape as soon as the season arrives.

the finer points: needles.

The type of needle and branch helps determine the overall look and feel your Christmas tree will have.

  • PVC.

    Thin PVC cut at different widths and lengths to create a classic style.

  • cashmere.

    Full, round tips that look freshly cut and reflect light to create a warm glow.

  • PVC/hard needle mix.

    Closely resembles real pine by using round dimensional needles.

  • PE/PVC mix.

    Replica branches that create the most realistic appearance available.

assembling your tree.

There are three main methods when it comes to assembling trees.

  • pull-down.

    Pull-down trees are quick to set up and store. Simply unfold the branches by hand.

  • hinged.

    Hinged branches fall into place, making setup and storage of your tree simple.

  • hooked.

    Hooked-style branches can be shaped before attachment to ensure a great-looking tree.

unique tree, big impact.

If you have minimal space or a unique taste, tabletop and novelty trees with specialty colors or frosted needles can help you save room or simply liven one up.

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get perfect with pre-lit.

Almost all types of trees are available pre-lit with both solid and multi-color options. Look for well-built trees with burn-out protection and no-twist sockets.

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keep things fresh.

Live trees look and smell fantastic. Keep an eye out for a thick tree that's fresh, green and holds on to its needles. Also make sure it has a strong stand that holds a gallon of water so that your tree lasts all season.

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deck the halls.