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A lightweight library, eReaders put countless books at your fingertips, with some offering newspaper and magazine subscriptions too. Millions of titles are available, plus the small size and new technology mean extra-long battery life.

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Tablets are the most compact computer you can find, with touch-screen simplicity, on-the-go surfing, social media and email, plus all your entertainment in one place: music, movies, games and more.

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A powerful laptop serves as a full-fledged computer, with larger displays and better performance than netbooks, plus long-life batteries for on the road.

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Offering maximum performance plus ergonomic comfort for longer work sessions, desktop computers have larger screens and ample internal storage for files, music and movies.

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cases for portables

Laptops, eReaders and tablets need a sturdy case to protect their delicate electronic components during commutes or vacations.

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bigger, brighter monitors

Back at home, you'll want to plug your laptop into a larger monitor for gaming and movies, or consider a second monitor to make working on your desktop computer more efficient.

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for your desktop

Max out the efficiency and comfort of your desktop computer with a keyboard that adds convenient function keys and ergonomic design, or try out a wireless model. Don't forget to check out mouse options, too.

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memory and networking

Storing photos, building your digital movie library and backing up important documents requires high-capacity external hard drives. Be your own Wi-Fi hotspot with a wireless router that serves both desktop and laptop models.

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If you watch movies or play games on your computer, you'll appreciate the sub-woofer boom and crystal-clear dialogue you'll get from a high-quality speaker system.

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print it your way.

all in one

A must for an efficient home office, all-in-one printers let you print, scan, photocopy and even fax in a single compact unit, and even connect to your camera for on-demand photo prints.

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ink jet

Quick and affordable, ink jet printers are great for black-and-white documents such as homework or archiving emails. Color and photo printing is possible too, but is slower than a laser printer.

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Have a lot of printing to do? A laser printer offers crisp, clear text and colors for high-speed, high-volume printing, and gives you versatile networking and memory options.

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additional services

service plans

Target has full home installation to get your system up and running, plus extended protection plans that cover repair or replacement.

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Have a question a week or a month later? Free tech support is just a call away at 1-877-myTGTtech.

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