buying guide electric toothbrushes

why electrify?

  • brush strokes.

    Electric toothbrushes provide more brush strokes per minute. You may notice a difference in the feel or whiteness of your teeth, and some dentists argue they clean more thoroughly.

  • am I being timed?

    Some electric toothbrushes have timers that keep you brushing for the full 2 minutes recommended by dentists. Magically, it works. Even kids brush longer when their toothbrush is the boss.

  • choosing yours.

    A good electric toothbrush will last for years, so research features first. And look at brush heads—each brand has a variety of types. Keep in mind that kids have smaller mouths so they'll need a smaller brush-head size to match.

more to smile about.

  • healthy brushing.

    Powered brush heads can help users clean hard-to-reach spots, and control their pressure. Some users can't brush vigorously enough to remove plaque, and many brush too hard for gum health.

  • healthy habits.

    Visit the Mayo Clinic's Dental Care site to brush up on oral health and dental care basics. And consider electric toothbrushes for kids with timers that ramp them up to the minimum 2 minutes of brushing required to keep their mouths healthy.

different strokes.

Vibrating, oscillating and kids' electric brushes–
find your type.

  • sonic & ultrasonic.

    The brush head vibrates side to side to produce up to 40,000 brush strokes per minute. Sonic vibrations break down plaque and stimulate saliva for cleaning.

  • rotating & oscillating.

    Circular brush heads rotate to produce up to 7,500 brush strokes per minute. Some heads alternate directions. Counter-oscillating heads have rows that rotate in opposite directions.

  • kids' brushes.

    Smaller heads make brushing comfortable for their size, while timers, quad pacers and just-for-kids features help build healthy brushing habits.

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  • brush heads.

    Brands are developing more types of brush heads with customized bristles: cleaning, whitening, polishing, sensitive–even the right sizes for kids.

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  • keep it sparkling.

    Electric toothbrushes are often an investment, but they last for years and are easy to maintain.

  • the care.

    Electric toothbrushes are durable, but do pack yours securely for travel. Replace brush heads when they're worn, generally every 3 months or more often for kids.

  • the hygiene.

    Electric toothbrushes rinse off like regular toothbrushes and store upright for air drying. Microorganisms grow in close spaces, so keep the cap off and don't store with other brushes.

get smart features.

Spin through the options. Discover why you'll never brush the same.

  • timers.
    Most electric toothbrushes have a 2-minute timer (dentists recommend 2 minutes every morning and night) that beeps or shuts off the toothbrush when you're done. shop all toothbrushes with timers
  • quad pacers.
    Think of your mouth in quadrants: top right, lower right, top left, lower left. Quad pacers beep every 30 seconds to send you to the next quadrant. They remind you to brush more thoroughly and give each
    section its time.
  • sensitivity & modes.
    An electric toothbrush is often great for people with sensitive teeth. Some brushes even feature a gentle brushing mode, while others have multiple modes (high-speed, quick clean, polishing). shop multiple brush modes shop high-speed toothbrushes
  • ultraviolet sanitizers.
    What lurks within your bristles isn't pretty, but can be killed by ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet sanitizers are built into some brushes' charger bases to keep your brush head free of bacteria and viruses. shop all ultraviolet sanitizing toothbrushes
  • rechargeability.
    Most electric toothbrushes are rechargeable, come with a charging stand, and run between 1 and 3 weeks on a full charge. Lights often indicate when the battery is done charging or needs a recharge. shop rechargeable toothbrushes
  • gums & pressure.
    For healthier gums, toothbrushes may have a massage mode that stimulates the gums, or a gentle mode for sensitive gums. Others feature a pressure sensor that shuts off when you're brushing too hard. shop multiple brush modes
  • travel.
    Even if you travel occasionally, a storage case is nice for keeping your brush clean and protected. World travelers or non-typical users might consider electric brushes that take external AA batteries or come with multivoltage chargers.