floor care buying guide

clear up your cleanup.

Choosing floor care can feel like a chore, with so many things to consider. Never fear: here's help to clear up your floor care questions. Get easy guidance through the pros and cons of your options.

learn about floor care by machine type.

From vacuums to deep cleaners to robotic floor care, get the guidance you need to pick the help that's best for you. Choose from the tabs above to learn more about machine types.

learn about floor care by floor type.

Whether you have hardwood floors, carpet, wood or tile, you'll find the right floor care for your space.

solutions for carpet concerns.

HOOVER Red WindTunnel Pro Pet

If carpet is your main surface, rest easy. Here's what you need to know.

all-around cleaning. Vacuums can handle most carpet-cleaning needs, with help from extra tools for tough areas.


allergies. If your household has allergy sufferers, choose machines with a HEPA filter, to reduce allergens that settle in carpet, like dust and pet dander.

vacuums with HEPA filters

deep cleaning. For extra cleaning help in high-traffic or accident-prone carpeted areas, get the power of a carpet deep cleaner. carpet deep cleaners

lightweight. Tackle small and easy spills with lightweight handheld and stick vacuums, which move and store easily, making little jobs a breeze.

handheld & stick

hard floors made easier.

H20 Mop X5 hard floor cleaners

Let your living space look its best—whether wood, tile or stone, get your hard floors spotless and shining with the right tools. Think about the needs of your space.

small spaces. Smaller spaces are a snap for stick and handheld vacuums.

open spaces. Uncluttered wide-open areas are almost no work at all when you set a robotic vacuum on the job.

disinfecting spaces. For deeper cleaning or disinfecting needs, a steam cleaner is the right machine for your hard floors.

big spaces & allergies. Vacuums work wonders for homes with lots of surface area to clean, and, with HEPA filters, for allergy sufferers.

floor care for multi-surfaces.

If you're looking for floor care and surface cleaning of all sorts for homes with carpet, wood or tile, you can find one machine to cover everything, with adjustable accessories and attachments, and on/off beater brushes you can turn off when moving from carpet to hard floors. Their versatility can be hard to beat—especially if space saving is a consideration when it comes to storage.


Vacuums are still the standard, dependable workhorses, good for everyday cleaning on carpet and hard floors. Choose an all-in-one upright or a large-capacity canister, where you only need to move the head while you clean an area. And whether you pick bag or bagless, the wide variety of styles means there's a vacuum that's a good match for your needs.

tool sets mean versatility.

Vacuum tool sets make all the difference for cleaning awkward areas and special situations.

good for allergies.

Models with HEPA filters make dust and pet dander cleanup much more effective.

upright or canister.

Maneuverability matters. The weight of an upright vacuum can make getting it where you need it difficult—and so can cord length. Canisters, on the other hand, can be hard to move to the next area of the house when you're ready, since they're not all-in-one.

bag or bagless.

Vacuums with bags can be easy to empty without a mess, while bagless vacuums mean no worrying about buying and replacing bags.

bottom line.

Whether upright or canister, bag or bagless, a vacuum is the best choice for dust and pet hair, and a solid selection for everyday cleanup.

carpet deep cleaners.

For carpeted areas in need of extra attention, carpet deep cleaners tackle the toughest messes. Handheld machines can help with spots and small accidents, while full-size uprights are good for large spaces needing a deep clean.


Good for the worst spills and carpet stains, and if needed regularly, can be less expensive than rental or professional services.


Deep cleaners require specific cleaning solutions and are a little more effort to fill and empty the machine.

bottom line.

Great for high-traffic or accident-prone, carpeted areas, and a handheld version is a great complement to regular vacuums.

hard floor cleaners.

Hard floor cleaners do heavy-duty work on tile, wood, linoleum and more. Pick steam to handle wet spills and sanitizing needs or suction-powered machines for dry cleaning.


Lightweight, and excellent for giving hard floors a thorough cleaning.


Small capacity means these are not ideal for cleaning large areas.

bottom line.

Whether steam, soap or suction, these are good for kitchens and other hard surfaces.

handheld & stick.

Handheld and stick products offer convenient cleaning in cord or battery-powered options, with functions from vacuuming to carpet deep cleaning.


Portable, light, convenient.


Some models have less power and a smaller capacity than traditional-sized vacuums and other cleaners.

bottom line.

Good for small spaces or second spaces, and a great choice for upper levels and basements, saving you the trouble of hauling one machine between floors.

robotic cleaners.

Want a self-powered machine to clean your mess for you? Robotic vacuums, guided by infrared sensors, have got your back—and your floor.


Robotic cleaners are easy to use and time-saving since they do the cleaning for you.


Lower capacity, lower power and navigating limitations make it most suited to simple cleanup on wide-open floors.

bottom line.

Good for floor cleaning in uncluttered rooms, and it does all the work for you.

care for your floor care.

Whatever you're looking for, you'll get the most out of your machine with accessories and proper care.

  • attach & accessorize.

    Find extras and add-ons to extend your cleaning power, and get your floor looking its best.

    floor care attachments
  • stock up on cleaning solutions for deep cleaners.

    Be ready for big surprise messes.

    solutions & cleaning powders
  • empty bags & canisters.

    Overfilling means underperforming—don't get caught without fresh bags when you need them.

  • clean or replace filters.

    Extend machine life and get the most out of your cleaning, and keep extras on hand. If your machine uses permanent filters, be sure to clean them for performance and longer life.

    vacuum filters

terms to know.

All these unfamiliar words seem like a mess? You're on it—here are some important ones to remember.

  • bag/bagless.

    Bag vacuums are usually easy to clean up—just pop out a full bag to throw it away, and put in a new one. Bagless or canister vacuums mean no buying or replacing bags, but be careful not to spill when you empty your vacuum.

  • beater brush.

    This brush loosens and pulls dirt up and out of carpet—and some machines allow turning it off for hard floors.

  • cleaning solutions/powders.

    Cleaning powders can help traditional vacuums clean even better, and a detergent solution is needed for carpet deep cleaners to do their best work.

  • cyclone suction.

    Air flow is channeled this way inside the vacuum, to maintain suction power as you clean.

  • heat cleaning.

    Heated water combined with a cleaning solution helps break down and remove stubborn spots and stains.

  • HEPA filtration.

    High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters remove up to 99.97% of very small particles like dust and dander (0.3 micrometers and larger). Indispensable for allergy sufferers.

  • pivoting head.

    These vacuums use a ball or swiveling joint for easier maneuvering around furniture and obstacles.

  • steam cleaning.

    Super-heated water breaks through stains and messes on hard surfaces, and can sanitize without chemicals.