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essential gear for on the road

Vehicle GPS systems keep your eyes on the road with turn-by-turn voice prompts—and even reroute you if you miss a turn. They're easy to use, compact and simple to take from car to car.

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hit the trails

Navigate your favorite nature paths and explore new ones, with the peace of mind of outdoor-safe GPS systems. If you're into geocaching, specialized GPS systems help you zero in on that hidden surprise.

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map out your free time.

step up your game

In addition to getting navigation help, fitness, golf and wristband GPS systems combine features specific to your sport, from speed and distance monitors for runners to golf course measurements and more.

see underwater

Hop in your fishing boat and head straight,
to where the fish are biting, thanks to pinpoint-accurate marine GPS systems, with some
models incorporating sonar fish finders.

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what else will you need?

map updates

Road construction and updates can change your path significantly, so you'll want to update your maps regularly. One-time updates are available, or consider investing in a lifetime subscription or a GPS that comes with a lifetime subscription.

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carrying case

Whether you're transferring your GPS between cars or taking a portable unit on trail, a protective carrying case will ensure your system stays in top condition for every time you need it.

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Different mounts offer varying levels of security and ease of transfer. Consider how often you'll want to switch your GPS's position, or if you'll want to use it on a bike or motorcycle.

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ongoing help

FreeTech Support 1-877-myTGTtech

Target offers extended service plans that cover repair or replacement, plus free tech support just a call away.

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where do you go
from here?

Hit the road with the helpful features.

traffic updates

Keeps you up to date on traffic events to minimize delays.

lane assist

Helps keep you in the correct lane in tricky intersections.

Bluetooth® connectivity

Some GPS models allow you to use them as speakerphone when paired with a compatible Bluetooth® cell phone.

spoken street names

Turn-by-turn directions include specific references to street and place names.

live services

Real-time information lets you make smart driving decisions based on traffic, weather and fuel prices.

4.3" and larger touch screens

View maps and control functions on a well-sized display that's simple to read and use.

chargers, adapters and cables

Keeping your GPS system charged up and ready to go at a moment's notice is important. Place the cables you need in each car to keep it simple-and check out GPS bundle options that group all the accessories you need in one purchase.

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