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Cooking outdoors is more fun when you have the right grill—and the right tools. There are many styles, types and colors, so you're sure to find one that does the job and also matches your style.

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The grill is just the start. Make grilling easy, fun and more versatile with tools and accessories.

  • tools & tool sets.

    Must-have tools include a grill cleaning brush, tongs, spatula and fork. Check out tool sets for cool extras.

    grill tools & sets
  • outdoor cookware.

    Cooking baskets and skewers let you cook smaller foods such as chopped-up veggies without worrying about food falling into the fire. Can cookers hold beverage cans over which a whole chicken can be placed upright. And grill woks can make fast work of stir-fries.

    outdoor cookware
  • absorbent grill pad.

    No matter how careful you are, spills happen. An absorbent grill pad keeps grease from staining patios or decks.

  • meat thermometer.

    A meat thermometer is a must if you're grilling poultry or large cuts of meat. You'll want to know without a doubt when your food is safe to eat.

    meat thermometers
  • grill lights.

    Essential for cooking after dark, grill lights let you see what you're doing no matter how long the party goes on.

    grill lights
  • replacement grill grates.

    You can't grill without a grate. Luckily, they're easily replaced when they wear out.

    grill grates
  • other fun accessories.

    How about pizza on the grill? Or your initials seared into a steak? Have fun with pizza stones, basting brushes, wok tools, branding tools and other accessories.

    other fun accessories
  • grill covers.

    Keep your grill clean when not in use—but don't put a cover on it before it has cooled off. Typically made from vinyl or polyesters, covers let moisture out but not in. Look for breathable fabrics with vents that allow airflow. Drawstrings or some other attachment will keep the cover in place.

    grill covers

safety & maintenance.

Get information about how to stay safe and take care of your grill.

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