buying guide heaters

heat cheat sheet.

how it heats.

With so many heater styles, how do you choose? Consider things like length of heat time, steady versus moving, directional heat, indoor or outdoor, and go from there.

size it up.

Where will you keep your new heater? Do you need a large one or will a smaller one heat your space? Does it need to be portable? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you make the right pick.

safe and warm.

Be warm, but most importantly, be safe. Features like auto-off, cool touch, tip-over protection and auto-shutoff timers are your peace-of-mind pals, but always turn your heater off before leaving.

watts up.

Max output tells you the heater's power measured in watts. The available wattage determines the heating effectiveness. No watts, no heat.

simple savings.

Yes, you can cut your energy costs with a portable heater. The key is to keep the thermostat low and use the portable heater where you spend the most time. That way, you heat where you are—not where you aren't.

what's your type?

Electric heaters offer high energy efficiency and can be used in enclosed areas with no ventilation. Gas heaters (propane) can cost half as much as electric to operate and should only be used in open areas with adequate ventilation.


Ceramic heaters distribute heated air evenly and efficiently, giving you steady warmth wherever you need it. And most stay cool to the touch. They're a comfortable choice for living rooms, bedrooms and small offices.

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fan-forced. (convection)

Convection heaters warm a room by heating nearby air, which rises to fill the room. Then, the unit sucks in more cold air and repeats the process. The downside? Given how they function, they tend to be a bit more noisy and drafty. But if you're warming a space with one or two people moving around, it's the perfect pick.

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With infrared quartz console heaters you'll enjoy warmth that doesn't dry the air. They're also cool to the touch, quieter than other heaters, and portable so you can easily heat any room.

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Panel heaters combine the warming process of convection and radiant heat, releasing heat evenly throughout a room without a fan. Because they maintain the room's moisture level, they're perfect for dry conditions and for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies.

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These power heaters provide lasting heat by burning propane fuel. They cost less than electric heaters to operate and will keep you toasty through power outages. Use only in open areas with good ventilation to avoid risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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easy-does-it features.

automatic shut-off.

More common in fuel models, this safety feature shuts off the heater if it senses low amounts of oxygen in the air or carbon monoxide buildup.


A thermostat maintains the temperature you set so you skip the up-and-down temperature adjustments. Timers can be set to start the heater up at the coldest time of the day. And programmable heat settings give you customizable comfort.

remote control.

No need to walk for warmth. With this handy feature, you get easy on-and-off control from across the room.


Expand your heating comfort with peace of mind. A warranty is added security that your heater will keep you warm when you want it to. Check with the manufacturer for information.

carrying handle.

Maybe you want to take your warmth to another room. Make it extra-easy with a collapsible or foldable carrying handle. Look for a safe grip to help avoid an accidental oops. Unless you never plan on moving your heater, carrying handles are key.

power cord.

Make sure to check if you have the right gauge to use your extension cord with your heater. Inspect cords regularly to make sure your cords aren't frayed and outlets aren't overloaded.

other winter musts.


Add some moisture to oh-so-dry winter air with a humidifier. Like heaters, they're available in many different strengths and sizes. Find the right one to make the most out of moisture.

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air purifiers.

Bacteria and allergens can thrive inside your home—especially in winter when windows are closed. Clear the air and put the pesky pollutants to rest.

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