buying guide denim

how to find the right denim for you:

what style do you want?
Straight, Skinny, Relaxed? We could go on. But there is a Style Guide just below to help you to find your favorites.
which brand do you want?
For any style of jeans you're looking for we have a long list of name brands that do denim right.
which wash do you want?
If you're looking for something more formal go for a dark wash. Faded with wear patterns are great for casual everyday.
what will you wear this for?
Jeans for meeting business clients–slash–watching the playoffs? Jeans for cleaning the gutters and BBQ-ing? Consider the task at hand.

what's your style?

  • Sits below the waist
  • Relaxed through the thigh
  • Straight leg opening
  • Sits at the waist
  • Regular through the thigh
  • Straight leg opening
  • Sits at the waist
  • Loose through the thigh
  • Straight leg opening
  • Sits below the waist
  • Straight through the thigh
  • Bootcut leg opening
  • Sits below the waist
  • Straight through the thigh
  • Straight leg opening
  • Sits below the waist
  • Extra slim through the thigh
  • Slim leg opening

trying your denim on.

A perfect fitting pair of jeans should be comfortable
in the legs, crotch, bottom, waist and hips—no gap in
the back or spill over. Try on your jeans with your
favorite belt and shoes, even put your keys, wallet
and phone in the pockets. Then test drive them—
walk, sit and squat to make sure you're comfortable.

To find the perfect fit, start with our size chart.

wash with care.

Always wash your denim in cold water; it'll make
your jeans last longer and it's less harmful on the
environment. Turn darker jeans inside-out so that
the color lasts longer. For washing darker denim
for the first time, wash them alone or with your
other darks to avoid color transfer.

Line-dry your jeans instead of putting them in the
dryer; this will help keep the color truer and the fit

Q&A with our denim expert:

Q: I've been wearing the same style jeans since
high school. Any advice for breaking out of a
style rut?

A: Don't be afraid to try new styles, cuts and
washes. Be open to trying new fits and don't let the
name of a fit (i.e. Skinny) deter you from trying them
on. The newest styles are cut slightly slimmer in the
leg. It's an easy update that can take you from
so-last-year (or so-last-10-years-ago) to updated
with one small but noticeable difference. The best
advice I can offer is to be open-minded; you might
be pleasantly surprised.

Q: Can you give me some ideas for different
styles that are appropriate for certain occasions?

A: Relaxed, regular and loose (medium to dark
washes) are great for weekend warriors and a quick
change into a boot or straight cut (darker washes) is
perfect for those well-deserved nights out. Straight or
slim straight jeans in a medium to dark wash are
great options for the office. Pair with a polo or dress
shirt and/or a casual blazer. Feeling like pushing the
envelope a bit? Give skinny jeans a try.