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the soft side of outside.

look on the bright side.

Sunshine is great, but too much can make your patio cushions fade. Fade-resistant material—available in good, better, best and premium grades—can help prevent a washed-out look. For sunny areas, choose cushions made with premium fade-resistant fabrics. For partial sun, better or best fade-resistant materials will do the trick.

show your style.

Cushions add two things: comfort and style. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics, so go for ones that complement your patio furniture and personality.

cushion your choices.

Cushions come in all types, with some that attach to furniture and others that rest in place to make moving less of a task. To find the perfect cushions or replacement cushions for your patio space, make sure you have a good sense of the size you need. It's easy to figure out—just follow our measurement guide.

patio cushion measurement guide cut from a different cloth.

Solution-dyed acrylic, solution-dyed polyester, polyester/solution-dyed olefin blend, solution-dyed olefin and polyester are common fabrics for cushions. Each has unique benefits—and a price tag to match. Think about both to find the right cushions for you.

fab fabrics.

Water repellent. Fade resistant. Recyclable. When it comes to patio cushion fabrics, you've got options. Look for a durable material that meets your patio needs.

  • solution-dyed acrylic.

    Solution-dyed acrylic has a luxe texture and is a premium grade fade-resistant option—meaning it provides the ultimate color protection. Applying a technology package that includes water, stain and mildew resistance to acrylic will help keep stains and mildew at bay, as well as improve your outdoor cushion’s ability to repel water.

  • solution-dyed polyester.

    Solution-dyed polyester is a long-lasting best grade fade-resistant fabric used on outdoor cushions. When treated with Nanotex (see below), it repels water and is resistant to spills. And its texture is softer to the touch than other materials, like solution-dyed olefin (see below).

  • solution-dyed olefin.

    Some outdoor cushions are made from solution-dyed olefin, a recyclable better grade fade-resistant fabric. It provides noteworthy protection from the sun’s color-bleaching rays. Treat olefin with a Nanotex finish (see below) to make it water and spill repellent.

  • polyester/solution-dyed olefin blend.

    Some outdoor cushions are made from a polyester/solution-dyed blend; a better grade fade-resistant fabric similar to olefin. It provides notable protection from the sun’s color-bleaching rays.

  • polyester.

    Polyester is a good grade fade-resistant option for outdoor cushions. It helps guard against the sun’s bright light at the lowest cost, and generally fares well outdoors.

finish & fill.

Give your cushions a longer life span by thinking about the extras: more fabric protection and extra padding.

  • Nanotex.

    Nanotex is a finish applied to outdoor fabrics to make them even more water and spill repellent. And while Nanotex helps block most moisture, the fabric remains breathable, helping damp cushions dry faster.

  • fill.

    Polyester fill is used in a variety of cushions to keep them plush longer. It can go a long way in helping your patio space feel as inviting as it looks.

keep it cushy.

From finding the perfect replacements for worn cushions to caring for your current ones, here’s what you need to know.

replacement cushions.

Get the perfect replacement cushion by keeping a few things in mind: your climate, the size of the original cushions and your patio’s sun exposure. For sunny areas, premium-quality cushions are great. For partial-sun areas, go with a better or best fade-resistant option.

cushion upkeep.

Avoid yucky mildew and stains on your outdoor cushions by going the water-repellent route. Storing your outdoor cushions when you’re not enjoying them will help keep them in mint condition. And don’t forget to clean your outdoor cushions based on their care instructions–they’ll last longer.

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patio accessories.

Whether chic or unique is your thing, pillows, rugs, umbrellas, outdoor lighting and other accessories can bring the vision for your outdoor space to life.

  • patio rugs.

    Rugs can define outdoor gathering areas and make them feel like a cozy extension of your indoor space. Choose a UV-resistant rug for sunny areas to help prevent its colors from fading. Thicker rugs will absorb more moisture, so be sure to hang them in sunny areas so they can dry. Also consider a rug pad to provide ventilation.

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  • outdoor lighting.

    When the sun goes down, create a special ambiance with just the right lights.

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  • umbrellas & umbrella bases.

    Add style and shade to your patio
    area with the perfect umbrella and base.

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  • patio furniture.

    Create a living room outside with patio furniture that fits your style.

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  • patio storage.

    From outdoor cabinets and trunks to storage bins that double as a seat when closed, there are plenty of ways to keep your patio cushions, outdoor lights, firewood, hoses and other outdoor accessories out of harsh weather conditions to help them last longer.

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