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  • unroll your options.

    Keep these things in mind when choosing a rug.

  • what do you want the rug
    to do for the room?

    Rugs provide both style and function. As the foundation of a room's décor, they can set the mood or complete a look established by the furnishings. Rugs can also help divide a room by creating pockets of coziness in a large space. Practically speaking, rugs protect flooring while helping to soundproof a room. They can also add softness and safety underfoot while keeping bare feet warm.

  • what size is best
    for your room?

    Always measure the space where you'd like to place a rug, keeping in mind vents, outlets and other floor elements that you don't want covered. Style tip: Keep an accent border of flooring visible between your wall and the rug.

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  • how much foot traffic
    will you have?

    It's a good idea to consider expected foot traffic on your rug when you're thinking about material options. Get the scoop on different types of materials to help you figure out the best rug for any room.

material world.

Rugs are available in both natural and synthetic materials, as well as blends. Blends offer the best of both: the texture of natural materials with the durability of synthetics.


Rugs made of natural materials are prized for their texture and appearance. They often require greater care to clean stains, prevent fading and minimize wear and tear.

  • wool

    Wool is a classic rug material regarded for its strength, durability and softness. It naturally repels water and its fibers are resistant to breaking and compressing. While wool is soft, durable and easy to clean, it's also prone to shedding and color fading. Wool rugs should be rotated regularly to promote even wear.

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  • cotton

    Cotton is a soft and strong rug option. It's often used as a backing material because it helps rugs keep their shape and lie flat. While cotton rugs are easy to clean—they're often machine washable—and biodegradable, they also attract dust easily and wear quickly.

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  • jute

    Jute is made from natural plant fibers, which makes it extremely strong and durable. The fibers are also an environmentally friendly choice, as they're generally processed without harsh chemicals. Jute's dense texture adds great personality to the right room, but is coarse and prone to stains.

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Man-made fibers are highly durable and stand up well to high foot traffic and sunlight. They often resist stains and are easy to maintain. Synthetic fibers may not age gracefully, though, and can be crushed under heavy furniture.

  • olefin/polypropylene

    Typically a less expensive rug material, this blend is strong, comfortable and holds color well. It's also stain-, mildew-, abrasion- and fade-resistant. The lower-density fibers make it lightweight.

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  • polyester

    Polyester is inherently stain-resistant, but shouldn't be placed in high-foot-traffic areas because it's easily matted down.

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  • nylon

    Nylon is extremely durable and resilient, and it is stain-resistant by nature. Its rich luster lends itself well to color and printed patterns.

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rug types.

  • area rugs.

    These medium-to-large rugs serve as a floor covering and can tie a room and its furnishings together for a cohesive, finished look.

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  • accent rugs.

    At 4' x 6' or smaller, accent rugs are often used to make a space more intimate. They also can add a nice burst of color or protect flooring under furniture.

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  • runners.

    These long, narrow rugs create inviting entryways and can protect floors that see high foot traffic. Use a runner to connect rooms and hallways or as a dramatic addition to a staircase.

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  • outdoor rugs.

    Add indoor style to your outdoor space with all-weather rugs. Made from heavy-duty materials designed to withstand the elements, these rugs look great and are easy to clean with just a garden hose.

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rug accessories.

  • rug grips.

    Keep rugs safely in place without bunching or slipping with rug grips. They also are handy for keeping rugs stable while vacuuming.

  • rug pads.

    Similar to grips, rug pads keep rugs in place, but they also offer a layer of softness. They protect flooring under rugs, so they're a must if you have hardwood floors or tile. Pads can also extend the life of a rug by reducing the friction produced between the rug and the floor—a common way rugs wear out.

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rug care basics.

Vacuuming is the best way to keep your rug looking great for a long time. It removes surface dirt that can become buried below the pile (the surface level of rug material). Spot-clean small stains and have rugs professionally cleaned periodically. If you want extra protection for your rug, consider adding a stain guard. Rotating rugs, especially in high-traffic areas, will help them wear more evenly. Remember to always check the manufacturer's instructions before cleaning your rug.