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find the right seat.

how big?

The first thing to consider is your baby's age, weight and size. Newborns and babies still in rear-facing car seats should be fully reclined; older toddlers need wiggle room and a seat they can grow into.

how many?

Whether you have one baby or two, or are bringing an older brother or sister along for the ride, the right stroller can make errands and walks easier on everyone—especially you.

where to?

Are you a city dweller or an offroad runner? Will
you be taking your baby to the grocery store or
just to the playground? Different models suit
different lifestyles and let you take your baby
along for the ride.

good-to-go features.

drink holders

A place for a little one's snacks or sippy cup is important, but so is a spot for your half-caf skim latte.

storage basket and pouches

You've already got your hands full, so choose a stroller with a large under-seat basket and pouches to take on some of the load.

adjustable features

Telescoping or pivoting handle heights help steering and comfort, a foot brake lets you stop and park easily, plus an adjustable seat back lets the youngest babies ride fully reclined.

nice-to-have extras

Snap-on weather protectors keep rain, snow and sun off your little one, while liners and bunting bags add a layer of warmth that won't get kicked off.

stroller selector.

Find the stroller that covers what's most important to you.

travel system

A travel system lets you move an infant car seat without waking a sleeping baby, plus accommodates children from baby through preschool years. Remember, babies up to 6 months old should travel in a reclined position.

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full size

A full-size stroller is designed to navigate a range of surfaces and to accommodate every growing stage.

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lightweight and umbrella

Lightweight strollers are designed to be easy to lift, fold and steer. An ultra-compact umbrella stroller weighs even less, so it's great to keep as an extra in your car.

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Rugged design and large wheels make this the go-to for running, curb-jumping and over-the-grass shortcuts. Look for a lightweight model with ride-smoothing shock absorbers. Some manufacturers say joggers are safe at 8 weeks of age, but our medical consultants recommend waiting until your child is 1 year old.

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If you have more than one child, check out a side-by-side, front-and-back tandem, or sit-and-stand combo. Consider each stroller's width (wider can be tricky in a crowd) as well as your children's ages (active preschoolers love taking a break in a sit-and-stand).

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so many to choose from.

See your stroller options in action.

expert advice.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission agree on some basic steps to ensure your child's safety.

snap'er up

Never leave your child unattended, and always use the seat belt and harness. This is particularly important when your child falls asleep in the stroller and if the backrest is in the reclined position.

lay low—or a little while

Until a baby is six months old, your little one ride should ride fully reclined in a stroller. You'll want him or her to be able to sit upright and hold their heads high before riding in an seated position. Most jogging strollers, since they don't incorporate reclining seats, are not recommended for use during the first six months.

roll steady

To prevent tipping, select a stroller with a wide base, and never hang bags or other items on the handles.

little fingers, little toes

Avoid the pinch: Make sure your child is at a safe distance when you're folding or unfolding a stroller, and make sure footrests extend all the way across single or double strollers, since a child's foot can become trapped between separate footrests.

brake time

Always use the stroller brake whenever you are not actively pushing the stroller.

parent favorites.

Check out strollers that scored top points from the folks who really know parents who've been around the block more than a few times with their strollers.

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compare and choose.

Considering a few different stroller models? Shop your choices side-by-side and easily compare features. Remember to look for parent-friendly features like ease of folding or steering (one-handed mechanisms are a lifesaver), ergonomic handles and peek-a-boo windows so you can check on your baby on the go.