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LED: brilliant color and contrast

The thinnest "ultra-thin," LED-backlit LCD TVs have super-sharp pictures and crisp contrasts enhanced by the LED lighting.

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LCD: high-resolution solution

LCD TVs deliver richly colored high-resolution images in an energy-efficient package and are usually only 2"–3" thick.

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know your TV terms.

refresh rate

How often your screen image is redrawn, with 120Hz or 240Hz being ideal for sports or action. The higher the rate, the better the picture.


The number of pixels on your screen. Look for a pixel density of 1080p for ideal high-definition viewing.

screen size

New flat-panel TVs are set to wider movie-screen ratios, so a 32" flat screen is actually a smaller TV than an old 32" tube TV. Keep this in mind when considering different sizes.

what you'll need

Going totally high-def will require an HD source: HD cable, antenna, satellite or Blu-ray. You'll also need an HDMI cable, component audio cables and a VGA cable to use your TV as a computer monitor.

instant fun: web-enabled TVs.

what you'll need

the right TV

A TV with Internet and Wi-Fi capabilities that allow video streaming.

a streaming package.

  1. A Netflix subscription provides instant access to films; YouTube lets you watch uploaded videos.
  2. Other packages include Facebook, Twitter and newsfeed access.
  3. Different HDTVs come with different internet capability packages, so double-check your TV’s specifications.
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a new dimension:
TVs with 3D capabilities.

two types to know

  1. New 3D TVs immerse you in your movie or game. Active 3D requires brand-specific glasses, while passive 3D glasses work with any passive 3D TV.

what you'll need

  1. A 3D-enabled HDTV for display.
  2. A 3D source such as a 3D Blu-ray player or cable subscription.
  3. A 3D movie disk or 3D broadcast on your cable channel.
  4. 3D glasses, either active 3D glasses (these are brand-specific) or passive 3D glasses (which work with any passive 3D TV).
  5. High-speed HDMI cable.

size it to your room.

Choose a size that fits your room and your viewing distance

Distance 4-8 inches screen 15-32 inches

Distance 6-10 inches screen 26-47 inches

Distance 10+ inches screen 42+ inches

wall mount options

A flat wall mount places your HDTV flush to the wall, taking up minimal space in your room. Tilting and arm mounts let you adjust your viewing angle or tuck your TV away when its not in use.

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hdmi cables

Delivering the best picture possible, an HDMI cable is designed with superfast bandwidth speeds and carry HDTV signals without any loss of quality.

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