buying guide denim

how to find the right denim for you:

what is your
perfect fit?
See the fit guide below. We have six different Fits based on body type and preference in rise.
what style do
you want?
This is where the fun comes in. There's everything from dressy dark trousers to distressed boyfriend jeans.
which wash
do you want?
Dark washes are professional, great to wear day-to-night and are slimming. Light washes with some destruction are fun and playful.
what will you
wear this for?
Are you looking for jeans to impress? Some jeans to bum around in? Or jeans to impress while you're bumming around?

what's your fit?

find a fit that flatters ®

fit 1: Good for all body types
if you like your denim to hit
just below the waist.
  • Sits right below your natural
  • Fits curvy figures while giving
    extra ease to straighter shapes
  • Slimming-Solution Panel in the
    front helps tuck in your tummy
fit 2: Good for a semi-curvy
body type if you like
straight-fitting denim that hits
just below the waist.
  • Has a traditional fit with a higher
    rise, sitting just below your natural
  • A Slimming-Solution Panel helps
    tuck in your tummy for a smoother
  • A straight fit through your thighs
    perfectly accentuates a semi-curvy
    body type
fit 3: Good for a straight and
semi-curvy body type if you like
your denim to hit at mid-waist.
  • Fits slimmer and straighter through
    your hips and thighs, creating a sleek
    silhouette for both semi-curvy and
    straight body shapes
  • Sits a few inches below your natural
    waistline, or right above your hip bones
fit 4: Good for a curvy body type
if you like your denim to hit at
  • Designed for women who are
    naturally curvy
  • A smaller waist with extra room
    through the hips, seat and thigh area
  • Along with the smaller waist, the
    mid-rise ensures there is no gapping
fit 5: Good for a straight body
type if you like your denim to hit
low on the waist.
  • Modern, extra-fitted and perfect for
    straight and semi-curvy body types
  • The waist of these jeans sits lower,
    resting on your hips
  • A highly tailored design through
    the hips and thighs adds contour
    to your curves
fit 6: Good for a straight body
type if you like your denim to hit
lower on your waist.
  • A low rise that sits at your hips and
    works well for both straight and
    semi-curvy shapes
  • A low-resting waistband helps combat
    the common issue of being too tight at
    your waist
  • Extremely slim through the hips and
    thighs to create a sleek silhouette
  • This is a junior fit

try on Target's
slimming technology.

Consider Totally Shaping Technology if you're
looking for a smooth, slim and sleek silhouette.
Made with high-stretch denim, this jean offers
supreme comfort as it lifts, shapes and slenderizes.
Fit Solutions Denim Control Panel Jeans also offer
a smoothing effect and support. The stretch fabric
gives them a trim, sleek look.

shop all women's shaping jeans.

Q&A with our denim expert:

Q: I can never seem to find jeans that fit. What are
some common mistakes I should avoid?

A: I'm so glad you asked because it's our mission to help everyone find the perfect fitting pair of jeans. Allow me to shed some light on the terms associated with the most common misconceptions:

"Curvy": This means that the denim is cut to contour at the hips and side seams and to be narrow at the waist to help prevent against gapping in the back. This doesn't mean plus-sized. Shop all jeans in Fit 4.

"Low rise": This doesn't mean it's only for juniors. Low rise is a great Fit option for any athletic person. Shop all jeans in Fit 5 and Fit 6.

"At waist" and "mid-rise": Contrary to popular belief, jeans with these rises hit about 2-3 fingers below your belly button. They have great slimming qualities, especially in combating our not-so-favorite "muffin top". Shop all jeans in Fit 1 and Fit 2.

The biggest takeaway from this mini-lesson: keep an open mind in your quest to find the perfect fitting jeans. Start with the women's size chart or juniors' size chart, and look at the left side of this page to see what each of our 6 Fits has to offer.

Happy hunting.

what's in this season?

The great thing about denim is that it's good all year round. Be sure to check out these on-trend silhouettes: Bootcuts, Skinny Jeans, Flares, and Jeggings.

In addition to a variety of indigo washes, we also offer a wide range of colors and styles that reflect the latest go-to styles.