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Able Planet In-Ear Personal Sound Amplifier Headphones - Black (PSBLACK001)

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Target 3-Year Service Plan (covers items $500 - $1,000)

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Product Information

From the Manufacturer

Quick Reference Guide to the PS2500AMP

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Product Information

  • Special Features

    • Patented LINX® DSP, an acoustical Environment Management™ technology with feedback management and noise reduction
    • Multichannel signal processing with 12 gain adjustment bands
    • "Natural" directionality
    • Nearly invisible
    • Fits comfortably in the ear
    • 2TAP™ controller to switch between environment management programs

  • Technical Specifications

    • Lightweight "In-Ear" design
    • Quad-mode noise reduction system
    • Advanced adaptive feedback manager
    • Automatic gain control
    • 12 gain adjustment bands
    • Battery life: 70 hours of use
  • Included

    • LINX® DSP V1
    • D Ring
    • Wax guard
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Batteries (6 pack)
    • Hard shell protect storage case
    • Soft carrying pouch
    • Instruction manual
  • Packaging

    You can be confident that our packaging is secure and inspected prior to shipping from our facility.  We have the product secured in a magnetic flip top box and a custom molded paper tray.  The product ships with everything you need including batteries, a single wax guard per device, instruction booklet and a carrying pouch.  We do recommend that you purchase a (WGD) Wax Guard Kit for both the Left and the Right ear so that the device can stay well maintained for the life of the product.
  • Feature Rich

    Our Personal Sound™ In-Ear Amplifier was built using extensive research and development for the best sounding and performing In-Ear Amplifier on the market today.  Our noise reduction, feedback management, and Linx DSP® technologies allow the product to perform at the top of its class for a fraction of what others are charging.  The product speaks for itself.

Personal Sound Amplifier Tour

  1. D-Ring
  2. Battery Compartment
  3. Speaker
  4. Microphone
Image Features


The PS2500AMP is securely placed into the ear using the D-Ring or Retention Ring.  The device comes with a medium size D-Ring which will fit most people.  If the D-Ring seems too small or too large, or will not secure properly in your ear, you should contact Able Planet for a different sized D-ring.

Battery Compartment

Your PS2500AMP Personal Sound™ In-Ear Amplifier is powered by your standard size 10A batteries.  These batteries are universal and can be found at retailers nationwide.  The PS2500AMP comes packaged with 6 batteries.  Each battery has a lifespan of 70 hours.  Due to the battery type these should be stored at room temperature.

Opening the battery door when not in use is required to preserve battery life.  This also turns the device on and off and allows the unit to vent out any moisture from use.


Linx DSP® provides crystal clear speech clarity and sound quality making the Personal Sound Amplifier unmatched by any other in the industry.  This is also the location of the Wax Guard Filter.


The Personal Sound™ Premium Digital Amplification Device from Able Planet offers an advanced microphone so that when in place you are receiving "Natural Directionality."


  • Popular Science - Product of the Future for 2012

    Able Planet Incorporated has been honored with a 2012 Best of What's New Award from Popular Science magazine for its Award-Winning Personal Sound™ Amplifier, PS2500AMP. Earlier in 2012 at the Consumer Electronics Show, Popular Science awarded the device Product of the Future. Personal Sound was released for a limited premarket sale on September 11, 2012.
  • Popular Science - Best of What's New for 2012

    Able Planet's PS2500AMP was awarded The Best of What's New in Popular Science Magazine in May of 2012.

See the Article Here!

Product Images


  • Is the device falling out of your ear?

    The image to the right shows correct initial placement of the device but the last step of tucking the narrow part of the D-Ring into the fold of the ear was skipped.  When the D-Ring is not tucked properly in the ear this can result in the device falling out of your ear.
  • Correct placement of the D-Ring

    The image to the right shows the correct placement of the D-Ring within the ear.  The D-Ring is tucked properly in the ear and is secure for worry-free use.
  • Are you having trouble hearing with the device turned on?

    Possible Causes:
    • Wax buildup in the Wax Guard Filter is likely obstructing the sound
     - Change the wax guard using the tool provided with the Wax Guard Kit (WGD).  Sold separately.
     - DO NOT poke anything into the device to try to remove wax.  Poking anything into the device can permanetely damage the delicate circuitry. (User damage is not covered by the Able Planet warranty)
     - DO NOT use the tool on the end of the brush provided to poke into the device.  The Wax Guard Tool is a different tool that comes with the purchase of the Wax Guard Kit.
    • If wax guard has been changed successfully and the device is still not working, replace the 10A battery.
    • If you replace the battery / wax guard and still have no sound, contact Able Planet for assistance.
  • Does the provided (medium-sized) D-Ring not fit properly in your ear?

    Able Planet offers multiple D-Ring sizes.  The D-Ring provided in the original packaging is a medium and fits "most" ears.  If you find that this does not fit properly in your ear, contact Able Planet to get a replacement D-Ring in the correct size.  The image to the right shows a size comparison of all three D-Ring sizes.
  • Are you having trouble shutting the battery door?

    DO NOT force it shut.
    • If the battery door will not shut, you have placed the battery in backwards.  Remove the battery and place it with the Positive side facing upwards (a red + will be present on the positive side of the battery door)
      - When installing a new battery make sure to have the tab facing outwards.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    *The 2500 comes with a cleaning brush with a tool on one end. The customer should not use the tool to try and clear wax as the tool will easily puncture the wax guard and potentially damage the circuitry of the device. The customer can very lightly brush the wax guard, but they need to be very careful. Once the thin mesh lining of the wax guard is punctured, wax will build up behind the guard and need to be removed by a professional. Every customer (of the 2500) should be encouraged to purchase replacement wax guards!

    1. What does each program do? / When should I use each program?

    As you advance the programs from 1-4, the amount of amplification will increase. There are other differences in the programs as well, but we can’t tell you what program will work for best for you. We recommend that you try each program in different listening environments to see which one(s) work for you. You may find that you only use one or two programs.

    2. Does the Personal Sound squeal, whistle or feedback?

    Personal Sound has an advanced adaptive feedback manager to prevent whistling while in the ear; however, some whistling may occur during insertion and removal. If you have problems with feedback, the first thing to try is to clean your ears. If there is a build-up of wax in the ear, the sound can bounce off of the wax and be re-amplified, which is what causes feedback. You can clean your ears with an over the counter wax cleaning kit, or see a professional for wax removal.

    3. Can I use the telephone while wearing personal sound?

    If you experience feedback or whistling from your Personal Sound while on the phone try tilting the phone so it is not fully covering your ear. If tilting the phone does not seem to help with the feedback, using the speakerphone can be a solution.

    4. How often do I replace the wax guard?

    Each Personal Sound comes with a protective wax guard. The wax guards will need to be changed when they are filled with wax. If the performance of the device seems to have diminished, it is likely due to the wax guard being filled. A 15 pack of extra wax guards is available from Able Planet's web site.

    5. Do I need a Personal Sound for each ear?

    For the best listening experience, it is recommended you wear a Personal Sound in each ear. Binaural versus monaural listening improves perceived sound quality, decreases listening effort, provides better sound localization, and increases consumer satisfaction.

    6. What do I do if my Personal Sound stops working?

    Check to make sure a fresh battery is inserted properly with the battery door completely closed. If the battery has been replaced and you still have no sound, change the wax guard.

    7. What do I do if my Personal Sound keeps falling out of my ear?

    If your Personal Sound will not stay in, first make sure it has been inserted properly. The D-ring should be tucked into the bowl of the ear, with the narrow part of the D-ring on the top and tucking into the fold in the ear. If the device has been inserted correctly and it still does not seem to fit, it is possible that you need a different size of the D-ring. We have larger and smaller D-rings available.

    8. How do I change the preset program setting on my Personal Sound?

    Either place your fingers or the palm of your hand over the outside of the bowl of the ear. Tap the fingers or the hand twice, very quickly. The change in air-pressure is what prompts the device to change programs. The device will beep to let you know which program has been selected, so it will beep twice for program 2 and three times for program 3, etc. Each time the battery door is opened, the device defaults back to program 1.

PDF Instruction Manual

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Low Battery Warning
Volume Control
Program Control
Battery Type 10A 10A 10A 10A
Linx DSP® Technology
Behind-the-Ear Placement
In-Ear Placement
Advanced Feedback Management
Retention Ring
1 Year Warranty Yes (Must Register) Yes (Must Register) Yes (Must Register) Yes (Must Register)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee