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Able Planet Personal Sound Behind-the-Ear Amplifier - Tan(PSA160002)

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Target 3-Year Service Plan (covers items $500 - $1,000)

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Product Information

product specification

  • Wired Connectivity: 3.5mm Jack
  • Electronics Model Compatibility: iPod Classic
  • Ear Cusion: Material: Rubber
  • Magnet Type: Neodymium
  • Sensitivity: 115dB
  • Cable/Cord Length: 3.900
  • Accessories Included: Electronics Product: 2 Headsets, Owner's Manual
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Features Audio Headset: On/Off Switch
  • Product Weight: 1.000
  • Driver Size: 30mm
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Impedance: 32 ohms

From the Manufacturer

Product Tour

  1. Nearly invisible Over-the-Ear thin sound tube
  2. Open tip dome
  3. Retention Hook
  4. Battery Compartment
  5. Microphone
  6. Volume / Program Control
Image Features

Nearly invisible Over-the-Ear thin sound tube

The Personal Sound™ PS1600BTE features a nearly invisible thin sound tube.  This sound tube is available in several different sizes to fit any ear.  The unit ships with a medium sound tube, which should fit most people.  Please contact Able Planet to order a different size.

Open tip dome

The PS1600BTE ships with an open fit dome attached to the sound tube.  A Plus dome is also included in your purchase.  Try them both to see which you like best!

Retention Hook

Extending from the end of the sound tube is the retention hook.  This hook should be used to secure the dome into the ear canal.  Use your finger to tuck the retention hook into the concha bowl of the ear starting at the lower portion of the bowl and then in a back and upward motion.

Battery Compartment

Batteries should be inserted with the tab / positive side facing outwards.  Closing / Opening the battery compartment also works as the On / Off feature.  You will want to open the battery compartment when not using the device to preserve battery life and to allow any moisture collected within the unit to evaporate.


The microphone for the PS1600BTE can be found at the top of the unit underneath the sound tube.  The microphone collects sounds from the environment.

Volume / Program Control

This chrome rocker switch allows the user to increase and decrease the volume by briefly pressing it up or down.  The rocker switch is also used to switch between the four preset programs.  Just hold the switch up or down for a few seconds until you hear a series of beeps representing programs 1 through 4. You will hear one beep for program 1, two beeps for program 2, three beeps for program 3, and four beeps for program 4.

Read what CNET had to say about the PS1600BTE!

Product Information

  • Special Features

    • Behind-the-Ear personal sound amplifier
    • Chrome rocker switch for volume and program control
    • Four preset Environment Management™ filters
    • Nearly invisible Over-the-Ear thin sound tube
    • LINX® DSP, a Hear the Difference® technology
    • Fits comfortably and discretely behind the ear
  • Technical Specifications

    • Advanced Feedback management
    • Battery type: 10A (size 10)
    • Low Battery Warning
    • Power consumption 0.8 mA (Typical)
    • Dynamic Contrast Detection 2-Channel; 12 Band amplification
    • Layered Noise Reduction for speech optimization
  • Included

    • Soft zipper pouch
    • Instruction Manual
    • Batteries (6 Pack)
    • Plus dome option
    • Thin Sound Tube with open tip dome
    • Cleaning wire
    • Warranty
  • Packaging

    You can be confident that our packaging is secure and inspected prior to shipping from our facility. We have the product secured in a flip top magnetic box and a custom molded paper tray. The product ships with everything you need including batteries, a cleaning wire for removing wax, instruction booklet, and a soft zippered pouch. Keep in mind that if the supplied sound tube / dome doesn't fit the contours of your ear, Able Planet will happily work with you to get it corrected for the best possible fit.
  • Feature Rich

    Our Personal Sound™ Behind-the-Ear Amplifier was built using extensive research and development to come up with the best sounding and performing In-Ear Amplifier on the market today.  Our quick and easy to use program/volume rocker switch gives you ultimate control of the amount of amplification that suits you best. Just select one of the four preset programs for your environmental situation, adjust the volume, and you are ready to discover sounds you have not heard in years!

Cleaning / Removing the Sound Tube

  1. Hold the PS1600BTE for sound tube removal
  2. Grasp the base of the sound tube
  3. Twist 90 Degrees in either direction
  4. Pull the plastic sound tube away from the PS1600BTE
Image Features

Hold the PS1600BTE for sound tube removal

Grasp the PS1600BTE firmly between your thumb and index finger so that the top of the unit (sound tube) is accessible

Grasp the base of the sound tube

Using your free hand grasp the plastic molding at the base of the sound tube.

Twist 90 Degrees in either direction

Firmly twist the base of the sound tube 90 degrees in either direction.

Pull the plastic sound tube away from the PS1600BTE

Grasp the base of the plastic sound tube and pull firmly away from the Personal Sound Amplifier until it separates.  Removing the sound tube will allow you to clean it by using the supplied cleaning wire.  Simply insert the cleaning wire at the base of the sound tube and push it all the way through the other side in one direction. See attached figure.

Reattach the sound tube by simply snapping it back onto the device. Make sure to rotate the sound tube so that the curve at the base matches the curve of the amplifier.

Photos of the PS1600BTE

The PS1600BTE Instruction Manual

Which Amplifier is right for you?!

Low Battery Warning
Volume Control
Program Control
Battery Type 10A 10A 10A 10A
Linx DSP® Technology
Behind-the-Ear Placement
In-Ear Placement
Advanced Feedback Management
Retention Ring
1 Year Warranty Yes (Must Register) Yes (Must Register) Yes (Must Register) Yes (Must Register)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee