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Bodyguard Kiba: A Takashi Mike Film

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At first, it might be hard to tell why The Bodyguard is one of Sonny Chiba's most popular vehicles amongst American fans: it is standard-issue stuff in terms of plot, with a simple story that mixes drug-smuggling and organized crime elements with a few double-crosses into a potboiler that is driven primarily by its action scenes. Needless to say, one shouldn't be expecting rich characterizations or heavy drama. However, The Bodyguard delivers plenty of action at a straightforward clip and this approach will work for martial arts film fans thanks to the presence of Chiba. He brings a cool yet surly presence to the material, dispatching one foe after another guaranteed in ways that will please grindhouse fans (one unlucky henchman gets his arm pulled through a door and hacked off). The American version also adds a delightfully bizarre opening sequence, including a bible-quote text scroll that should be familiar to fans of Pulp Fiction and a scene where two karate experts show off their moves while debating the merits of Bruce Lee and Sonny Chiba. All in all, The Bodyguard is lightweight stuff, even by b-movie standards, but Chiba fans and grindhouse buffs will want to check it out nonetheless. Donald Guarisco, All Movie Guide

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