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Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Pail with Carbon Filter and 100ct Refill

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What it is
It's hard to make a diaper pail exciting, but the newest model from Diaper Genie will give a little thrill to smell-sensitive parents. Granted, dirty diapers are an inherently smelly business and nothing on earth is going to eliminate that stink, but the double-locked pail design and antimicrobial bags help a lot.


In addition to its ease of use (popping in the refills is truly dummy-proof) and odor-control, the long, skinny shape and white color helps this unit keep a low profile. Tuck it into any corner and it pretty much disappears.  Plus, a handy foot petal makes for hands-free disposal and the taller basket can be easier on tired backs.


What to watch out for
The vital parts of this pail are made of plastic – meaning they sometimes break. If the bag clamp or foot pedal goes (and they've been known to), the pail is rendered useless.



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