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Evenflo 4oz Twist Glass Bottle Set - 6pk

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


What it is: If you handed an Evenflo Classic Twist + Vented bottle to Grandma at feeding time, she’d feel right at home, because this bottle is very much like the ones she used for Baby You—slim and easy to hold, no fancy angles. Simplicity is its most attractive feature: You’ve got your bottle, your collar, your nipple, and your cap, bada bing, bada boom. It’s a good deal, too. Like many other bottle-makers, Evenflo has integrated its venting system into the nipple, claiming that it drives more air into the bottle and keeps it out of your baby’s stomach. That claim is difficult to evaluate, but parents will appreciate that there are no extra parts. The fact that these bottles come in various colors may seem like no big deal—until you’re trying to feed multiples and want to keep who’s drinking what straight, or wish to color-code bottles according to the liquid inside.


What to watch out for: Like the sister Classic Glass + Vented bottles, they don’t leak when left on their sides in a diaper bag or on a table, but should you use them to mix formula, you’ll see droplets fly as formula sneaks out around the nipple. Although the bottles didn’t crack or break when subjected to our drop tests, the caps did fly off rather easily (so make sure they’re secure when you’re out and about). Since the measurement markings aren’t colored, they’re hard to see when the bottle’s filled with milk or formula. Parents who are watching their child’s fluid intake may want to try a bottle with easier-to-read markings.


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