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Homer & Langley (Reprint) (Paperback)

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  • Book Subgenre: General, Literary, Conflicts + Dualities, Hobbies + Activities, Types of Characters, Literary Genres + Types of Novels, Psychology, Medicine + Health, Family + Friendship, Historical Fiction
  • Language: english
  • Edition: Reprint
  • Format: paperback
  • Book Genre: Fiction + Literature Genres, Fiction + Literature Themes

Reviewer: Liesl Schillinger, (New York Times Book Review)

"The achievement of Doctorow's masterly , compassionate double portrait is that it succeeds for 200 pages in suspending the snigger, elevating the Collyers beyond caricature and turning them into creatures of their times instead of figures of fun."

Reviewer: Jerome Charyn, (Wall Street Journal)

"If the novel succeeds in making us care about the Collyers, the reason is Mr. Doctorow's own whiplash use of language, a daring, poetic meditation in prose of the kind that is familiar from his earlier novels....The author presents both men as heroic pioneers who discover their own inner music and logic, choosing to remove themselves from all the bitter debris and turmoil beyond the walls of their mansion."

Reviewer: Joyce Carol Oates, (New Yorker)

"[B]uoyant and entertaining....E. L. Doctorow...[is] a writer of dazzling gifts and boundless imaginative energy....In HOMER LANGLEY, [he] has evoked an American folk-myth writ small, a touching double portrait of men whom social background and class privilege could not protect from extinction."

Reviewer: Jess Walter, (Boston Globe)

"[A] beautiful and haunting novel....Doctorow is clear and compassionate in detailing [the brothers'] stunted emotions and phobias, and he creates a surprising kind of suspense as the stuff piles up, and the house begins to close around them into a big, messy tomb....Doctorow's writing is so lithe, the book easily sustains all of its thematic musings - about technology and history and consumer culture, even the novelist as kind of housebound Quixote."

Reviewer: Connie Ogle, (Miami Herald)

"[A]n intriguing character study and an elegantly written exploration of isolation....Doctorow's great success here is in reaching past the joke to make us feel his anguish."

Reviewer: Donna Seaman, (Booklist Upfront)

"Wizardly Doctorow presents an ingenious, haunting odyssey that unfolds within a labyrinth built out of the detritus of war and excess." (starred review)