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Whole New Way to Experience Your Favorite Brands

  • From the makers of the popular award-winning LOGO Board Game, comes the LOGO Party Edition. Whether you're an artist, actor or great talker, now you and your family can test each other’s consumer knowledge. It’s not what you know that counts; it’s what you do! Get your teammates to guess brands based on four different types of clues! Be the first team to reach the Logo Party Space and successfully answer a “Reveal It!” card to win.
  • Four Ways to Play

    Draw It!
    Sharpen your pencils, get set, and go! Draw any clues about the brand, without writing words, letters or numbers. Bring out your inner artist to win the round!
  • Reveal it!

    Time to up heat up the competition with the ALL PLAY category! Insert a “Reveal It!” card in the timer. Both teams watch in anticipation as the logo is slowly rises and is revealed. Be the first to shout out the correct brand name and you move on to the next space. If your team reaches the Logo Party Space and successfully answers the card, you win the game! 

  • Describe It!
    Time to put your verbal skills to the test. Quickly describe the brands to your team without actually saying the brand name. Hurry, the clock's ticking!

    Do It!
    Budding actors get ready to shine! Logo Party throws on the spotlight with “Do It!” cards. Players are required act out a secret brand to their team. But, there’s a catch! No talking or singing allowed!

  • A Great Game for Great Times!

    Logo Party is great for large or small groups of kids or adults ages 8+. Whether it’s a party or a family games night, every player is challenged with trivia and creativity that results in an over the top fun filled atmosphere. Join the game that let’s you experience your favorite brands in brand new ways, with Logo Party!