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Medela Breastmilk Feeding Gift Set

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Product Information

  • Allergens & Warnings:
  • Make sure breastfeeding is well established before introducing a nipple. Plastic bottles and component parts become brittle when frozen and may break when dropped. Also, bottles and component parts may become damaged if mishandled, e.g. dropped, over-tightened, or knocked over. Take appropriate care in handling bottles and components. Do not use the breastmilk if bottles or components become damaged.

From the Manufacturer

What's Included:

  • What's in the box:

    (3) 5 oz/150 mL breastmilk bottles with slow flow nipples, lids, collars & travel caps
    (6) 2.7 oz/80 mL breastmilk bottles & lids
    (20) 5 oz/150 mL Pump & Save™ breastmilk bags
    (2) Easy-connect adapters
  • Breastmilk Bottles

    Medela polypropylene breastmilk bottles are made without BPA, designed to retain breastmilk’s beneficial properties.

    • Compatible with all Medela breastpumps, so you can pump, store and feed with one container
    • Great for long term storage
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Measure the exact amount of milk you're pumping with the colorful ounce and millimeter markers
  • 80 mL Breastmilk Freezing & Storage Containers and Lids

    Containers and lids for easy collection, storage, and feeding of breastmilk.

    • 2.7 oz/ 80 ml size is ideal for feeding, storing and freezing small amounts of pumped breastmilk
    • Compatible with Medela breastpumps except Single Deluxe breastpump
    • Volume marks for easy measurement of pumped breastmilk
    • Screw on lids provide leak-proof storage, travel and freezing
  • Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags

    Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags save you time and allow for fast, easy breastmilk storage.

    • Save time – pump directly into bag
    • Compatible with all Medela breastpumps - adapters connect directly to breastshields
    • No-leak, easy-to-close zipper top
    • No-spill, stand-up bottom
    • Perfect for fridge or freezer
    • Protective oxygen barrier

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  • Made without BPA – Safe for Mom & Baby

    All Medela breastmilk bottles and products that come in contact with breastmilk are and always have been made without BPA.

  • About Medela

    Destiny Statement
    Medela’s Breastfeeding Division exists to enhance mother and baby health through the life-giving benefits of breastmilk.

    Breastfeeding Support Pledge
    "We pledge our dedication to breastfeeding as the best nutrition for babies and families. We further pledge that our breastfeeding accessory products and literature shall never be used to influence mothers to switch from breastfeeding to infant formula feeding. Nor shall our breastfeeding accessory products and literature be used in any way to promote artificial baby milk."

    - Olle Larsson, Founder of Medela