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Philips Sonicare HX7022/64 e-Series Standard Replacement Brush Heads, 2-Pack

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From the Manufacturer


  • Classic Clean

    Screw-on electric toothbrush head
    The Philips Sonicare HX7002/60 e-Series brush heads are visibly angled for better reach within the mouth, providing a thorough every day clean, while massaging and stimulating gums.

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  • Designed to optimize performance

    Reminder bristles ensure you are getting an effective clean
    Reminder bristles let's you know when to replace the brush head. After three months of normal use bristles exhibit fatigue, and brush heads are less effective. Replace your brush heads every 3 months.
  • A brush head that fits multiple handles

    Screw-on brush head for our original Sonicare handles
    Screw-on brush head that will fit our original Sonicare handles
  • Easy to maneuver to focus on hard-to-reach areas

    Unique angled neck helps you reach back teeth
    The slim angled neck enables you to easily maneuver the toothbrush head, particularly in hard-to-reach areas to remove plaque.


Weight and dimensions
Dimensions brush head packaging21.6 h x 6.5 w x 4.1 d cm
Weight brush head packaging0.096 kg
Technical specifications
Operating timeFor optimal results, a new brush head is recommended every three months.
ReplacementReminder Bristles fade when a replacement is needed.
Ease of use
Suitable for these modelsElite


Review summary for the Philips Sonicare Elite HX7002/20

alaTest has collected and analyzed 95 reviews from magazines and websites. Comments about the usability and value for money are overall positive.




Don't brush off this product.This is brusherific product.It changed my life. This is nothing to spit at.

Dental check ups


My dentist is so happy with my check ups since I've been using Sonicare ...or maybe not :) since my check ups are cavity-free, less tartar, and all-around better oral health.

This product has great features


I love this product. This product is good. This product is pretty. This product is grand. It has kept my teeth clean and sparkling. It is very durable and well-made.

Amazing toothbrush, some design flaws


The only complaint I have is concerning the feature where you're supposed to change the head when the blue fades away. The blue fades within a couple of weeks instead of the 90 day recommended replacement...doesn't really help much.

Makes your teeth feel & look very clean


Using this toothbrush along with flossing makes teeth cleaing much easier with your hygienist. My husband and I won't use anything else.

Great value and perfromance


I've been using this product for years and have always been impressed with it. My dentist recommends and actually keeps them on display in his office.

These are the best toothbrushes on the market. Period.


I couldn't find them at my local super market, so I tried the storebrand; what a major disappointment. The generic store brand didn't fit properly on the electric part of the toothbrush, and the fibers on the head wore out too fast. I went to another store and found the Phillips Sonicare e-series replacements and we are so happy. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Oral health is very important. Thanks again!

My professional dental cleaning last longer.


I like the two minute timer feature. I like the fact that it holds a charge for more than ten days. This allows me to travel without the charger.

Great Toothbrush


Pretty amazing toothbrush head that's able to access to hard-to-reach areas in the back of your mouth. Have never had any issues with these heads.

good product


The "reminder" bristles tend to fade faster than advertised when used with whitening toothpaste...other than that the product is excellent...I simply change the brush every three months as recommended and disregard the colored bristles.

comforta brush head


comfortable brush head cleans small spaces between teeth

Easy new toothbrush


I've had my Sonicare toothbrush for about 2 years now and I really like it! My teeth feel clean and my dentist always compliments me on my brushing habits when I go in for cleanings. Sonicare recommends changing the toothbrush heads every 3 months. That is just about right. When I change to a new head, I can feel the difference. As much as I like this product, I have 2 areas of concern. One is that the replacement brush heads are costly. Probably worth the cost, but it hurts when I have to buy new ones. The second area of concern is keeping the inside of the brush head clean. I've found that taking the brush head off and rinsing both the base and the brush head before putting it back on the charger helps alot. Recently, since my last brush head change, I've been separating the two parts and rinsing them, then putting the base on the charger and the brush head in the little tray that came with the toothbrush. This seems to let everything dry out and I'm not seeing the build-up of toothpaste and saliva that I've seen before. Overall, I love my Sonicare and I try to follow all the instructions that came with it. Advice on keeping it clean would be a benefit.

This product is durable and highly effective


This is a highly effective strong toothbrush that yields excellent results. I, especially, like the 2 minute timer set up.

Highly Recommended


I will continue to buy Sonicare products because of several reasons. First, the toothbrush can reach places in ways that I cannot. Second, it gets all that junk off my teeth that a regular manual toothbrush cannot get. Third, it stimulates my gums. I highly recommend this product!

I love this and will reorder when I need another....


Love this. Easy to use and works well in my mouth as well is easy to clean and store in the little pouch I have for my traveling toothbrush heads.

Gets kudos from my Dental hygienist


Very easy to use and has improved my teeth and gums.

Excellent toothbrush


These replacement heads for my Sonicare elite toothbrush work very well. The only problem with ease of use is that they are more complicated to disassemble and clean than the newer style of toothbrush.

Real easy to use.


So much better than relying on my own brushing technique. I have been getting positive results at the dentist since I started using product.

very easy to use


This product is very is easy to take apart and to clean. I also like the large head for brushing and the style of the brushes for cleaning in the back of the mouth.

Best toothbrush ever!


Tried generic replacement heads and they were far inferior. Will only use Phillips Sonicare hereon. Also, since we've been using our Sonicare toothbrush (many years now), we've had the easiest and best dental cleanings. Our dental hygeinist jokes with us to "please leave me something to clean."

Excellent brush, easy to use and does a great job!


I have used these brushes for four years and have never had a complaint. They do a great job in terms of cleaning the teeth and do not cause any uncomfortable sensations.

Long lasting


I switch toothbrush heads every 8 months. It recommends every 6 but lasts every 8. The firm brushes makes my mouth feel so clean after brushing.

Great product


Lasted a long time. Better checkups at the dentist.

Great Product


This product is very effective in removing food particles and keeping gums healthy.



gREAT FEATURES one draw back. The system grows mold within several weeks inside the handle near the magnets

alternative don't compare


I've had my Essence toothbrush just over 3 months and when it was time for a replacement head, I thought I'd save myself some cash and use the generic. I made it through a single brushing with the generics before going out and picking up the real thing. If you love the ease and cleanliness of your brush, keep using the real thing. Other heads are noisy and don't work nearly as well. It's worth the extra $5 or so, trust me!

Better quality than generic brand.


I tried a generic brand replacement toothbrush head but it fit poorly and the cleaning results just didn't compare with the original Sonicare brand.

Like the color that wears away as reminder to replace!


Like the sonicare products very much. Have been using for approx 12 years now.

Expensive, works


All sonicare brush heads are expensive, but there is no good alternative. I wouldn't trade my Sonicare for any other toothbrush.

Wears Out Quickly


The head is of good design and does it's job very well. My only concern is that it's only good for about a month. The cost of replacing these heads are excessive for no longer than they last. If they would last at least 3 months I would rate them 5 stars for performance.

WAY better than store brand


My fiance and I tried the target knock-off of these brush heads and hated them - they were so loud, I was afraid the neighbors would hear us brushing. Ridiculous. We immediately switched back to the name brand and are so happy - the brushes are quiet with soft bristles and they last. Most people have noted that this brush in particular lets saliva/gunk slide down into the brush head area, but with some diligent wiping and cleaning with a few q-tips once a month, it's not terrible. Don't go cheap- get the real ones!

Long lasting great product.


These heads last the better part of a year! My only complaint is with the design of the base. It allows too much moisture to collect under the screw down cap and into the top of the powered handle. This requires frequent cleaning to prevent a mildew type growth. I would bet this has been improved in more current designs. Our 2 brushes are going strong after 4 years.

Great dental check-ups...


We have been using your Sonic tooth brushes for many years. Our dental hygenist and dentist always tell us we take excellent care of our teeth. Thank you for making an effective and easy to use product.

love it & so does my hyghenist


my husband & I both use & our hygenist has noticed a difference even without us telling her we switched

Too many places for mold to grow.


In terms of dental hygiene, this product is excellent. However, the replacement heads are expensive and do not last any where near the three months that they claim. I've also had a lot of issues with mold growing inside the head, in places that are impossible to keep clean. On the whole, I'll go with a different design next time I replace the brush.

excellent product


this is an easy product to use it was very well designed it has helped preventing plaque buildup in my mouth

My dentist is impressed


My dentist suggested I purchase a mechanical toothbrush. I purchased your product and ever since my dentist has been very pleased and impressed with the condition of my teeth and the improvement noted from my old manual toothbrush used.

product not suitable for adults


I was very disappointed with my purchase of the 'e series' as the head is little over 1/2 inch long. It is something a child would use and should have some indication on it of the length of the brush. The previous brushes I purchased were of a normal length. I will not purchase your brush heads any more. They do not provide me with ample coverage when I brush my teeth.

Good for your teeth


If you are like me, you scrape a hand toothbrush across your teeth which is damaging. This product saves your teeth and gums all while making sure you are brushing well.

Simple to use


Very easy to use. Brush heads last a good 60 days, but at 90 days they may be past their useful lives for my tastes.

This is a good product


The brushes performed well. The only difficulty I have is how to judge when to replace a brush

overall a really good product just a bit pricey.


The Philips Sonicare e-Series Standard sonic toothbrush heads HX7002/82 2-pack are a great product and I feel that they really clean my teeth. However, I really wish the cost was lower.

Good product for the price


I like this product becuase it does the job and it is fairly inexpensive. However, due to its design it is difficult to keep it clean unless you disassemble it every time. I would buy a different model where the nect of the bruch does not have such a deep cavity next time.

Is easy to use and compact for travel.


I love my Phillips Sonicare brushes. I have used the Sonicare e-Series toothbrush with my Sonicare electric tooth brush for over 2 years and would recommend it to everyone. I really like the features and the fact that you only have to replace the toothbrushes and not the whole toothbrush.

Doesn't clean well


These latest e series brushes do not clean very well. No matter how well I rinse them after each use, there is always buildup of stuff inside the head. The older versions never did this.

All over the E series tooth brush and handle is the best


I bought the e series rechargeable tooth brush to improve my teeth and gums. This product worked like a charm. I have excellent gums and teeth as a result of this product. I like the design and ease of handling this product. The vibrating head makes my gums feel like they had a message. I also love the clean feeling I get from this product. I've been using this product for about three years and soon will need to purchase a replacement. However, the old one is still working quite well. I do have a problem developing were the brush is stopping before the two minutes are up. I assume this is an indication that it needs to be replaced. I will, indeed, purchase another Philips brush.

The Sonicare toothbrush system has saved us!


My wife and I have been using Sonicare toothbrushes since our early 30's. We're now in our 60's and have our own healthy teeth. Say no more!

Our favorite way to brush our teeth clean!


My husband and I bought Phillips electric toothbrushes on the advice of our dentist. We love the ease of use and the thoroughness of each session. We actually brush more often now that we have electric toothbrushes. Thank you Phillips for making a necessary task even easier!

Nothing else compares


It's easy to track changing time and ease of switching heads is a breeze.

great tool


easy product to use. does a great job of cleaning teeth. price not too bad. would recomend to others to buy

It's Awesome!


It feels sooooo good. I let my Sonicare do all the work; and when I go to the dentist he says 'I've been a good boy'!!

Love using the toothbrush but doesn't last 3 months as advertised


I am very disappointed with the life of these brushes. I find that the top of the brush wears out very quickly and I must change it no more than every two months and that is pushing it. I use the brush very evenly throughout my mouth and try to use it gently. Does anyone else have this problem?

Love um!!


My Sonicare had lasted & lasted. I take it on trips. Just not the same without my "good brushing" !! I do have to watch to let the bottom part dry upside down as not to let it get ucky in there. I flush with 2.5 pH water & dry upside down to keep it fresh & clean.

this product is a keeper!


Dental hygenist recommeded this product & cleanings are greatly improved since using. I will keep using as a regular product for the best check ups since commencement of this produuct!

The very best electric toothbrush ever


I've used this toothbrush for over ten years. I've never had a problem with it. I just buy new brushes and it keeps on going. I have had serious gum disease and this toothbrush has saved me from having surgery. After every 3 month check up, my periodontist keeps saying, "just keep up whatever you're doing your gums look great". Thank you Philips for this great tool. I brush twice a day and very little else and I still get great results. I take it on all of my trips and it holds its charge for extended periods of time. I love it!!

Easy to replace


Replacement toothbrush heads easily attach to the baset unit

This is the easiest way to properly care for your teeth.


I have had the Sonicare toothbrush for a long time - maybe 8 or 9 years. The improvement in the appearance of my teeth and my dentist's comments about the better condition of my teeth and gums after I had been using it for a while convinced me to stay with this system. I have continued to use Sonicare ever since and I replace the brush heads on schedule. My dentist and I continue to be happy with my clean, healthy teeth and gums.




Do your teeth a favor


I tired the store-brand replacement heads once: big mistake. The first one rattled, didn't work right, and fell apart. I threw away the 2nd one and bought the Philips ones instead. Do your teeth a favor and spend the extra $$ for the Philips brand heads.

It is more economical to buy replacement heads for your sonicare toothbrush.


I bought a rechargeable sonicare toothbrush at the recommendation of my dentist for more efficient removal of plaque and better overall cleaning of my teeth. I buy the multi-pack replacement heads because they are more economical. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family. Matter of fact, I bought one for my son for his birthday, and he loves it also!

Using this product there have been positive changes found at my dental checkups.


Love the toothbrushes. I have had healthier teeth and gums since using the Sonicare toothbrush.

quality product


I have used this tooth brush for years and have changed the brushes several times. I found it easy to change and a very high quality product

A good product and fast service


I love the way my sonic E-series toothbrush cleans and so does my dentist. The service department has been very helpful when I,ve had a problem and they resolved the issue quicklly.

This product has great features that are easy.


I always know when it is time to change the toothbrush head. When the blue marking/stripe disappear on the head, it is time to purchase new ones. So simple and one less thing I have to worry about.

Brushing teeth just became easier with my Sonic toothbrush.


I have improved the health of my gums with the massage feature and my teeth always feel clean because the brush is able to get in hard to reach places. My dental health has improved and I would never go back to any other brush.

The small brush heads do an excellent job!


I have a small mouth with irregular teeth and the small brush head lets me get into all the areas that a larger brush head can't reach.

The simplicity of design, intrigues me


I never knew that brushing my teeth could be so fun! The Sonicare toothbrush heads are the best and I look forward to brushing my teeth instead of treating it like a chore. I recommend the Elite Sonicare toothbrush heads to all my friends as well as the other oral care products I have used that work for me.

Good buy


I tryed the off brand didn't have the same action and brand name, I had to go and get sonic heads

Best performing brush ever


Ever since getting my Sonicare brush and brush heads I have had easier and faster cleanings. My hygienist even commented on the improvement during my first couple cleanings after starting with it. This system is much better than using a regular brush - much more consistent cleaning. I love it!

My dental hygienist notes it makes a difference


if the dental professionals notice the difference, I'm happy. I'd be happier if they charged less for a cleaning but, hey, clean teeth and healthy gums? To steal a tag line, priceless.

e-series toothbrush heads 2-pack are an excellent value!


Philips Sonicare e-series is an excellent toothbrush and extreme cleaning for the mouth and teeth. Teeth feel like smooth pearls and excellent massage for the gums. Sonicare toothbrush also removes any food particles between teeth and is a very healthy and important item for oral health.

Best toothbrush ever!!!


My teeth and mouth have never felt so clean before. This really works great and I highly recommend. Love it!!!!

Love the clean feeling.


We have enjoyed this toothbrush for years, and have given them to family members as gifts.

Re HX7004


2 of these heads have broken in a 6 week period. The stainless steel leg in the base has broken.

Feels great.


Our entire household uses this system and just had to replace the heads. I love the massaging feeling on my gums as I brush with it twice a day (morning and evening).

Compact and easy to use


I have been using the Sonicare electric toothbrush now for over 11 or 12 years. My first Sonicare lasted 9 years. I hope this one lasts just as long.

this toothbrush is easy to use


when my dentist advice me to use it, i first didn't believe him on how good it work,but after a few months of use, my teeth where better and started to spend less time at his office, that's how good it works

Good overall toothbrush for the cost and convenience.


I liked this toothbrush for its convenience of use. It seemed to do a good job brushing and not being too harsh on the teeth.

Product is not fully enclosed. Has ability to promote mold.


The e series toothbrush and toothbrush head promotes mold once wet. Remove head from the base every use and still have issues with mold growth. Philips did replace one of the toothbrushes with a better model where toothbrush head was enclosed.

Excellent product


Best dental check ups since using. Been using for 4 years

Good design! Cleans well.


The heads work well. They perform a good job of cleaning surface residue from the enamel and gum-line of the teeth.

This improved product does the job very well!


This product does the job very well! I had used the model it replaces for many years and I was concerned about the new design but it is a great improvement.

Sonicare brush heads


These are replacement heads for your Sonicare. Work great, fit well...perfect replacements.

Works great!


Have used these replacement heads with my toothbrush with no problems.

Easy to replace


These brush heads are easy to replace - they just snap right on! Love it!!!

works wonderfully!


This toothbrush has made such a difference. My dentist approves too!



These work perfectly... no cavities again and dentist says my teeth are healthy.

The tooth brush is great


My only problem is the battery dyes out after a year or so.....and I have to buy a new brush........

this product is awesome


My dentist recomened this product years ago, but I didn't feel the need to shell out that kind of money for a toothbrush. Last year I saw it being offered at a reasonable amount, so I bought it. Wish I had purchased it when my dentist's awesome, I totally recommend.

Great White Teeth!


This is the third generation of Philips Sonicare that I have owned and the product seems to keep getting better with each new release. First rate product for oral hygiene care.



This tooth brush system is awesome I have had it for several years now and I can't say enough good things about it. The design is great it fits good in your hand, and the battery still holds it charge very well. You have to change the brush heads about every six months witch is a good amount of time. The price of the brush are a little steep but worth every penny. Bottom line this tooth brush is awesome!

Sonicare is the best


I have been using Sonicare for 20 years or so. I will only use a Sonicare. It is the very best toothbrush out there.

Will continue to use.


Like the product. Does a good cleaning job. Don't like mildew buildup inside base. Water/toothpaste seem to seep inside.

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