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The Deadly Spawn (R)

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Released the same year as The Evil Dead, this low-budget gorefest shares some similarities with its more famous counterpart aside from the generous helpings of extreme ultraviolence. Both films were neophyte productions with shoestring budgets, both were clearly labors of love, and both exhibit a fan's respect for (and defiance of) genre conventions. The Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn is an engaging, exciting sci-fi/horror adventure with realistic characters, effective acting and a willingness to betray expectations. Unlike similar films, it's difficult to predict exactly who will live and who will die. Despite a minuscule budget and grainy 16MM photography, the action moves quickly and the special effects are surprising. The alien mother, with three heads and endless rows of teeth, is one of the most unholy creatures ever seen on the screen, and though some of the spawn are obviously hand puppets, they still inspire squeamishness. The confusing title (it's not a sequel to anything) was reportedly foisted upon the film by a video distributor that wanted to suggest an erroneous connection to Ridley Scott's Alien. By any name it's highly recommended for horror aficionados and splatter fans, who will be pleased with the film's tension and over-the-top gore effects. While none of the minds behind The Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn went on to the kind of acclaim that Sam Raimi has enjoyed, associate producer John Dods has forged a successful career as a special effects wizard on a variety of major motion pictures and screenwriter Ted A. Bohus has been involved with a number of low budget exploitation films. Fred Beldin, All Movie Guide