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PEEPS festive holiday wreath

Recipe details:

PEEPS festive holiday wreath

what you need

  • 36 PEEPS Peppermint Marshmallow Stars
  • 3-4 yards ribbon or a large bow
  • Heavy duty cardboard, approximately 24 inches long, cut into the shape of a candy cane
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

here's how

  1. Trace desired shape (such as a candy cane) on a heavy-duty piece of cardboard.
  2. Cut out your shape. This step should be done by an adult.
  3. Open packages of PEEPS and lay them out on shape to determine exactly how many you will need.
  4. Plug in and heat up hot glue gun. This step should be done by an adult.
  5. Once glue gun is heated, add glue to cardboard shape a small amount at a time and glue on PEEPS Peppermint Marshmallow Stars.
  6. Once shape is covered in PEEPS, add on any optional décor items, such as ribbon or bows.


You can use a box that you have on hand or a piece of foam core board from the craft store.

Wreaths aren’t just for the outdoors, display indoors as well.