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      Electric Juicer JACK LALANNE

      Jack LaLanne

      description The JACK LALANNE Electric Juicer is the perfect small kitchen appliance for those who value wholesome homemeade food. Its simple and efficient design makes juicing easy. It has a convenienct 68-ounce capacity so you can make juice in batches. It also boasts dishwasher safe parts for simple and ...

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    • $109.99

      Jack LaLanne Juicer

      Jack LaLanne

      description The Jack LaLanne Juicer uses patented extraction technology to give you 30% more juice. It has an extra-large feeder that easily accommodates whole fruits or vegetables which eliminates the need for dicing, cutting or chopping. This electric juicer directs the leftover pulp to the super-sized...

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      Total Juicing (Paperback)

      description A guide to juicing for health describes the benefits of juice to digestion, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and lowering weight and features more than one hundred recipes for juice combinations for all occasions. Original. 50,000 first printing.

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