2012 Annual Report


2013 total store count: 124

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2012 total store count: 1,778

2012 total retail sq. feet: 237,847 (in thousands)

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personalized shopping wherever you are

Guests have lots of choices when it comes to where they’ll shop, so it’s important for us to fill our shelves with exactly what they’re looking for. We call this segmentation, and we consider climate, region and culture when making decisions. Based on this research, we offer the right products in our stores and online—whether it’s sunscreen for beachgoers or locally-made favorite foods. Our goal is to create the most relevant guest experience possible.

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many options, amazing experiences


From Apparel to Home to Health & Beauty, guests will find a great assortment of everyday essentials. And many of our general merchandise stores have an expanded assortment of fresh food.

Super Target

Guests will find the same great product assortment as our general merchandise stores, plus a full-service grocery with fresh produce, deli and meat departments, and a bakery.

City Target

Get all the energy and convenience of our full-line stores, but in a smaller format with a selection that's tailored to guests living in an urban neighborhood.


Find even more of what you're looking for—from sizes and colors to styles and online exclusives, plus product reviews, video and opportunities to interact with other guests.

Target Mobile

Our award-winning mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, and m.target.com make it easy for guests to shop with us, wherever they are.

Target Canada

We’re excited to deliver an outstanding shopping experience for our Canadian guests. They’ll find all the great brands and products they know and love, plus many of the same the great items offered at our U.S. stores.

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key segments

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meeting the needs of our guests


Hispanic guests represent a fast-growing segment with an estimated buying power of $1.5 trillion by 2015. We’ve added more Hispanic merchandise in our stores, plus signing in English and Spanish.

African American

We tailor our assortment to meet the needs of African American guests. For example, we’ve added multicultural hair care brands to our shelves, including Shea Moisture and Miss Jessie’s.


Urban guests often live in multi-dwelling homes with space constraints. We look for ways to cater to their needs, such as offering space-saving home storage solutions for apartment and condo dwellers.


Guests that are used to a warm climate or live close to the water appreciate that we carry items such as sunscreen and swimwear year round. These products also appeal to vacationers who may have forgotten to pack some travel essentials in their suitcase.


Rain, shine, sun or snow, we customize our product assortment so guests are prepared for the local weather. For example, our northern guests will find coats and snow gear in their stores early in the season to help them weather long winters.

Regional food

Guests look for foods they’ve loved since they were growing up. We offer local brands so it’s easy for guests to find their favorites.

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