Target GiftCards® work every time.

Put Target GiftCards to work for your business –
a reward and incentive that everyone appreciates.

Why? Because Target GiftCards stand out from the crowd. Highly valued and recognized, they're one of the top retail gift cards requested for incentive programs – and they give your employees and customers the freedom to choose from hundreds of leading brands. They can even be used at a Target Clinic® or pharmacy, or redeemed for groceries.

Target GiftCards motivate and build loyalty with the rewards that people really want. And, they help you to achieve your goals whether it's employee retention and engagement or rewarding greater productivity and achievement.

Discover the many ways to put gift cards to work in human resources initiatives. When Target GiftCards are part of the program, everybody wins.

human resources

When your focus is inspiring the success, safety and satisfaction of employees, there's nothing better than Target GiftCards to jumpstart new initiatives and keep everyone's motivation going strong. Target GiftCards are easy to manage and give – ideal for all kinds of service and award programs.

great job gift card
  • Reward new-hire referrals
  • Celebrate anniversaries
  • Recognize exceptional work
  • Incentivize safety certification
  • Acknowledge major achievements
  • Award prizes and holiday bonuses
  • Encourage participation in new initiatives
  • Surprise your team with an unexpected thank you

incentive marketing

Behind every successful marketing initiative is an incentive with broad appeal. Whether you're seeking subscribers, trying to increase sales or encouraging participation and loyalty, Target GiftCards are a great way to reach your goals and achieve quantifiable results. The ideas below are just a few of the ways to put Target GiftCards to work and ensure the success of your programs.

thank you gift card
  • Retain and acquire customers
  • Offer loyalty rewards
  • Create customer goodwill
  • Acquire new subscribers
  • Reward repeat customers
  • Encourage product trials
  • Increase participation in direct response programs
  • Generate traffic at trade shows

In addition to rewarding new or loyal customers, Target GiftCards are also an excellent way to recognize your sales and customer service teams. And they're ideal for creating exciting contests that truly hold your team's attention.

  • Reward outstanding service
  • Incent lead generation
  • Drive sales goals

health & wellness

Health and wellness are closely linked with productivity in the workplace and savings on healthcare costs. Target GiftCards make it easy to reward participation in healthy lifestyle programs and provide incentive stepping-stones along the way. Target GiftCards can be used in health, wellness and environment-based programs.

unleash your health gift card
  • Encourage and acknowledge healthy habits
  • Reward participation in exercise initiatives
  • Increase follow-through in multistage programs
  • Incent employee participation in health risk assessments
  • Promote new challenges like biking to work
  • Support go-green campaigns that are good for the environment