Lifetimes away from the chaos and crowded streets of Jakarta, hides a serene sanctuary of fertile soil and tropical weather, where towering teak trees begin their lives as fragile saplings, started delicately from the seeds and cuttings of only the highest-quality trees, under the strict supervision of experts in cultivation, who responsibly manage every square inch of their million-acre forest. More than enough land for both the trees and the local families, who grow crops in the rich soil beneath the canopy. Alongside those crops, every season, more trees are planted than are harvested, starting the cycle again, and promoting growth for years to come.

Judged by their straightness of grain and lack of knots, only the highest quality logs are used to create Smith & Hawken teak furniture. With laser-guided precision, those logs are trimmed to boards in a state-of-the-art saw mills, labeled and kiln-dried for up to 45 days. This rigorous heating and cooling process slowly reduces the natural moisture levels within the logs, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

But kiln drying is only the beginning of the premium quality Smith & Hawken teak furniture is known for. Every slat, seat and supporting joist is hand-selected for color, while time-tested, traditional mortise and tenon joinery assures strength and durability for years to come. Every piece is then hand-sanded to a silky finish and refined to perfection, before it's hand-assembled and inspected to meet or exceed strict quality standards. Each piece is then disassembled, carefully packed and shipped around the world to you. This meticulous process is the only way to guarantee the chair, bench or table you purchase will live as long on your patio as it did in that forest on the other side of the globe.