Not far from Manchester, in a hard-working English town called Wigan, premium garden tools have been made, using the same time-tested process for over 200 years. Every solid-forged Smith & Hawken tool starts as a single piece of steel, heated to 1200-degrees and trimmed by a 600 ton press, before it starts it's journey through the factory-each step performed by master toolmakers, most of whom have handcrafted Smith & Hawken tools for over twenty years.

While lesser-quality tools will claim durability, only the extreme heating and cooling process, unique to solid-forged construction, can provide you with Uncompromising Quality in the garden. Quality we're glad to guarantee.

Crucial to the longevity of your Smith & Hawken tool is corrosion prevention. Each head is shot-blasted and powder coated, preventing rust even if you're working in especially wet conditions, or the tool is accidentally left in the elements. For every solid-forged steel head is a matching ash handle, individually chosen for it's straightness and density before it's rounded to a dowel, and steamed for the perfect amount of time in order to bend the wood into a form. Much like its metallic partner, each handle is sanded for a smooth finish before it's sealed-this time with a fine coat of wax, ensuring both smoothness and all-important water proofing for utmost durability in the most demanding conditions.

Finally, the head meets the handle where it's joined with a press and riveted for strength, durability and Uncompromising Quality for years to come.