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    • $7.79

      KitchenAid® Flat Grater - Black  KitchenAid

      description This stainless steel Flat Grater from KitchenAid is a convenient alternative to dimensional cheese graters. This hand grater is easy to hold and will fit in a utensil drawer. Use it for recipes that require ingredients like shredded vegetables, or use it to easily garnish a dish with cheese, ...

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      Average rating for KitchenAid® Flat Grater - Black : 3.0 stars
    • $13.39

      OXO Softworks Multi Grater  OXO

      description Use the OXO SoftWorks Multi–Grater on a cutting board, plate or flat surface, as well as on any size bowl for neat and easy grating. Two stainless steel grating surfaces allow for coarse or fine grating. The soft, comfortable handle and non–slip feet make this Multi–Grater safe and easy to use. ...

      Average rating for OXO Softworks Multi Grater : 2.5 stars
    • $14.99

      Pedrini Boxed Grater - Gray  Pedrini

      description Effortlessly grate cheese, carrots, cabbage or other vegetables with this Pedrini box grater. The stainless-steel construction is sturdy and durable. The handle makes it easy to hold, while the nonslip base keeps it in place. The grater is dishwasher safe, so it is very easy to clean.

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      Average rating for Pedrini Boxed Grater - Gray : 4.0 stars
    • $14.29

      KitchenAid® Cup Grater with Container and Lid  KitchenAid

      description The Kitchen Aid One Cup Grater effortlessly grates cheese and chocolate with high quality stainless steel grating blades. Available with two different grating blades, the one cup grater is perfect for grating, serving and storing. The non–skid base keeps the item secure and prevents slipping ...

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      Average rating for KitchenAid® Cup Grater with Container and Lid : 3.5 stars
    • $9.99

      Flat Grater - Black  KitchenAid

      description The KitchenAid Etched Flat Grater features a bi-directional stainless steel medium grating surface that allows for continuous grating. Razor-sharp perforations are perfect for grating foods such as cheeses, zucchini, potatoes and root vegetables, toasted bread, cold butter, frozen bananas.

      Average rating for Flat Grater - Black : -1.0 stars
    • $14.49

      KitchenAid® Fine Grater  KitchenAid

      description The Kitchen Aid Fine Grater makes it fun and easy to grate or zest foods such as citrus fruits, cheeses and chocolates. The food push attaches securely to the grater frame, keeping fingers clear of the grating surface. A continuous grating action optimizes performance and quickens prep time. ...

      Average rating for KitchenAid® Fine Grater : 3.0 stars
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