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    • $32.99

      Woodstock Feng Shui Chime® - Chi Energy, Tiger's Eye  Woodstock Percussion

      description Feng Shui involves the arrangement of spaces to obtain harmony with the surrounding environment. The Woodstock Feng Shui Chime® in the Chi Energy, Tiger's Eye style is designed to channel and redirect energy for a positive, harmonious home. According to Eastern tradition, ...

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      Average rating for Woodstock Feng Shui Chime® - Chi Energy, Tiger's Eye : 5.0 stars
    • $23.49

      Woodstock Turquoise Chime™  Woodstock Percussion

      description The handsome Turquoise Chime™ from Woodstock Chimes mixes wood, metal and stone into a statement-making work of art. The windcatcher is a circle of turquoise stone, while the clapper is a wooden bead accented by small turquoise rocks. These vividly colored stones have beautiful ...

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      Average rating for Woodstock Turquoise Chime™ : -1.0 stars
    • $12.99

      Encore Collection - Chimes of Mars  Woodstock Percussion

      description The Encore Collection – Chimes of Mars from Woodstock Chimes make a stunning visual statement with an angular wooden top ring, a diamond-shaped wooden windcatcher and sleek aluminum rods. Rods of various lengths produce different notes when struck by the wooden ball clapper, such that ...

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      Average rating for Encore Collection - Chimes of Mars : 5.0 stars
    • $68.99

      Emperor Gong  Woodstock Percussion

      description The Emperor Gong is a stunning piece of wood and metal abstract art. Curved lengths of wood hang above and below the central golden gong, giving the entire wind chime the elegant look of a Chinese character. The round aluminum gong has the warm patina of brass, which contrasts spectacularly ...

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      Average rating for Emperor Gong : -1.0 stars
    • $63.00

      Reg: price $90.00

      Woodstock Chimes Sprouting Wind Chime  Woodstock Percussion

      description For this unique piece of garden art, bells spring from a faux-stone base like fresh green shoots in the spring. The Woodstock Chimes Sprouting Wind Chime is up of metal bells in a warm brass tone that dance on wires radiating from a base molded to look like stone. Each bell opens upward like a ...

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      Average rating for Woodstock Chimes Sprouting Wind Chime : -1.0 stars
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